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Fitness bands are used in their workouts by both beginners and professional athletes in various sports, that differ from football and basketball to weightlifting and fitness. You will feel the result and effectiveness of training with fitness rubber bands after the first trining.

Any athlete can afford a resistance band set, since these are fairly inexpensive, but there are several important nuances when it comes to choosing the right one, that should be taken into account, since the demand for resistance loop bands has greatly grown, which means there are many different types of resistance stretch bands for sale. Nowadays, there are many fitness bands of different brands and different qualities.

Among all of the equipment and various devices for fitness, the so-called exercise cables (straps) stand out favorably. They have gained immense popularity lately, due to their versatility, availability and security. They are used by both beginners and professional athletes for various exercise, to train strength and agility safely and for cheap.

What are tension bands?

Elastic exercise resistance bands are an elastic latex band, that often look like a big rubber ring. The effectiveness of this equipment is achieved by the additional difficulty due to the creation of resistance that occurs when it is stretched. They are available in various shapes, colors, widths and types of stiffness. Due to its ultra-compactness and lightness, it can be used both in the gym and at home, or on a vacation, in nature.

Types of workout bands (straps)

First of all, loop exercise stretch bands are distinguished by their shape:

Mini loop with a diameter of 50-60 cm and a width of 5-7 cm is a very popular category. These are often sold in sets of 3-5, varying in hardness. These are convenient for athletes, since they do not need to be wrapped around and held by hands, risking injury to the latter.

Long resistance bands with a diameter of 180-200 cm that allow them to be folded several times and diversify the training session. These are sold both individually and in sets of 2-7 pieces, depending on the amount of stretchability.

Extra long resistance training bands 2-2.5 m long, which are a third type of length are wrapped around one’s arms. This type is more oftenly sold in rolls, which will allow you to buy it of the desired length, taking into account individual requirements for the inventory.

Another important factor is hardness

Don’t forget that in order to choose the right product, you need to take into account the amount of stiffness. Often it is marked with color:

– Soft models with a low hardness are usually available in yellow, orange or red. Sometimes, these are also called booty resistance bands;

– Models with a medium hardness are oftenly painted green;

– Heavy resistance bands with the greatest amount of resistance are available in blue, purple or black.

When choosing rubber bands, you should bear in mind that the color coding of the hardness may differ for each manufacturer. In this case, the gradation of loads in kilograms in the list below:

– Light load – XS, S or 0.8-2 kg;

– Medium load – M, ML or 2.5-6 kg;

– Heavy load – L, XL or 9-14 kg.

Fitness elastic bands are often sold in sets of 3-5 bands of varying degrees of stiffness, which is convenient for working out different muscle groups and gradually increasing the difficulty.

Benefits of exercising with rubber exercise bands

Any type of this product, whether it is exercise resistance bands for arms or exercise resistance bands for legs, develops and strengthens muscles of the whole body, allowing them to quickly tone up and getting in a beautiful shape, without significantly increasing the muscles in volume, but allowing you to work out small muscles and their deep layers.

Due to the additional load on the muscles, energy consumption is greatly increased during exercise, which contributes a lot to weight loss.

This equipment is light and you yourself control the load, by changing the amount of stretching of it. Thus, it does not harm one’s back and articular-ligamentous apparatus, which makes it possible to use it for training people with injuries and in the process of rehabilitation.

The simplicity, availability, safety and compactness even of resistance exercise bands with handles have made them an indispensable attribute of the training process for both beginners and professionals in sports. You can train yourself at home, in a sports club, on vacation, using sets of exercises for different muscle groups, which are freely available on different forums on videos.

Thus, taking into account all the advantages and benefits for health and appearance, the only drawback of fitness rubber bands is how quickly the material is worn out, which is why these have to be changed from time to time. To avoid such disappointments and use the equipment as long as possible, you can choose and buy a fitness band on our website, where you will find a wide selection of high quality bands from leading manufacturers of sports goods.

How You Benefit From using this amazing equipment

The first three advantages that you will notice, while practicing with these are: simplicity of use, effectivity and safety. Other benefits are:

– Muscle tissues gains elasticity;

– Smoothes problem areas for women;

– Muscle strength increases;

– Joints and tendons become more resilient;

– Helps to easily burn extra calories;

– Develops muscles and joints after injuries.

Key factors, while making a choice:

– Material – high quality models made from 100% natural latex. Natural latex is practically odorless and extremely elastic and durable at the same time.

– Density – a high-quality fitness band should be dense enough without any pores and air bubbles, that count as manufacturing defects

– Dimensions – the length of the fitness band should be at least 30 centimeters. No less, this is the ideal length for the most effective workouts. An important factor here is the amplitude of the exercise performed if the elastic is shorter than 30cm. It will not stretch to the required amplitude or break.

Application features

This product is most often used for fitness activities. It is better to do the exercises barefoot. If you step with bare feet, it won’t be slippery thanks to talcum powder. Therefore, it is better to store it rolled up so that talcum powder does not wear off longer.

IMPORTANT. The choice of the right model depends on:

– Elaboration of the desired places;

– Frequency of use.

People who are just starting out choose light duty tapes.

Also, for physical therapy and injury rehabilitation, choose the light option too.

For strong and trained people, rubber bands with maximum resistance are the best.

We also have some special models available, like the ones with handles or exercise resistance bands for bigger glutes. Try browsing the catalog and be sure that you will find the fitting model. We offer only best materials, prices and price to quality ratio.

And do not forget that we also have many other useful types of equipment for improving the quality of your training sessions, both for working out at home or bringing them with you to a gym or vacation.

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