Compact treadmill for home will help you easily get in shape and save money and time on expensive fitness clubs. Any affordable treadmill for home, will help out people with limited time, will allow you to do sports before or after work, saving time and money. Some employers place electronic exercise equipment in offices, as they contribute to the emotional and physical rest of the body and head. Folding treadmill with incline is perfect for a home gym and will always be useful for both adults and children.

Any running treadmill for sale is a cardio stimulator, exercising on which you can lose extra pounds, tighten muscles, strengthen the musculoskeletal system and much more. It has been scientifically proven that jogging increases the body’s endurance, strengthens the immune system, reduces the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases and even stimulates the production of endorphins, which are responsible for a good mood. You can work out in the gym, or simply buy a compact treadmill for home use.

When was it invented?

 As surprising as it may sound, the first invention of the treadmills was a manual (non electric) treadmill, which was first sighted some time after the invention of the agricultural wheel, intended for grinding grain, pouring water. Later they were used to correct the behavior of prisoners in 1817, then they helped in the generation of electricity. It can be concluded that in ancient times, running simulators clearly did not benefit health, but on the contrary.

Many years later, they were used for medical purposes, to improve the functioning of the heart and lungs, later, they appear in fitness centers. Nowadays, almost everyone can buy it, considering, affordable treadmill price. Not to mention the diversity of different models. For example, you can now find a portable treadmill for small spaces, that can be placed in an apartment or house of any size. Or how about incline treadmill, that makes your training sessions even more effective. 

Two types of running track

Even every cheap treadmill for sale has different functionality, size and design, which will be described later in this text. But overall, these can be divided into two main categories:


 In this form, the canvas moves with the help of human efforts. It moves in the event that the athlete independently moves his/her legs, when the run stops, the work of the track, accordingly, stops. If necessary, you can adjust the speed, temp. If you want to buy treadmill for cheap, this is a perfect option! It does not need power, it is suitable for fitness and its cost is much lower than any other type. This is usually a foldable space saving treadmill, that you may take with you while travelling, just so you will not skip “leg day”.


 Powered by an electric motor. It sets the speed, tilts the canvas to the desired angle, sets the difficulty and may be equipped with a large number of additional functions. In particular, such running treadmill (walking machine) is equipped with microcomputer. Thanks to it, the user can independently determine the required difficulty, measure the pulse, temperature and pressure. This will allow you to monitor your health while running. This also means there are fitness treadmills with screens, that may keep you entertained with a movie while working out. There are: eco-class – inexpensive units without additional functions, amateur class – power 5-8 kW, with a training program, professional-quality tracks equipped with advanced engine, display, programs, a wide road for the development of a maximum speed of 40 km / h.

More detailed variety

Cardiovascular training equipment, also known as treadmill can be classified according to the following parameters:

By class

– Home models are distinguished by their low price, compact dimensions and low weight. Usually, they have a limited number of programs, which is enough for simple, daily workouts on an individual basis. This small (mini) lightweight treadmill are very mobile and usually fold up, so they are easy to transport and store. Despite the limited functionality, this device has all the necessary sensors and technologies (calorie counter, information board) to maintain a healthy lifestyle. If you though electric treadmill cost is extremely high, this variant will surely change your opinion.

– Professional models are usually installed in gyms and fitness clubs. They are characterized by increased power (motors up to 3 horsepower), withstand maximum loads, can work for hours without interruption and are designed for a long service life. They are also distinguished by a rigid body, a reinforced working canvas with a width of up to 50-60 cm and the ability to withstand weights up to 180-200 kg. Professional models are equipped with computers and have a wide range of functions. However, they weigh a lot, are very large and expensive, so it is impractical to use them in everyday life.

By drive type

There are mechanical, magnetic and electrical variants.


The canvas is driven mechanically – by the movement of the user. The more the athlete accelerates, the faster the track moves. The belt stops with the person’s movement and its tilt can be adjusted to decrease or increase the load. Mechanical tracks have a simple design due to the absence of a motor, and are usually used in everyday life.


– Compact size, an ability to fold up;

– No electricity required, so it may be placed practically anywhere;

– Low weight and mobility due to the absence of a motor and computer;

– Natural movement, ease of control;

– Low cost.


– High pressure on the muscular skeleton and joints due to the fact that it is necessary to move continuously and intensively for the belt to work;

– Almost complete absence of depreciation;

– Limited functionality: due to the lack of a computer, there are no special programs in the tracks, only a basic minimum of functions;

– Low efficiency: when the athlete gets tired and slows down, the treadmill also slows down.

Mechanical models are a budget and compact option for simple exercising at home.


A subspecies of mechanical ones, which differs from the previous version by the smooth sliding of the working canvas. Smoothness is provided by a magnetic drive that pulls the walking belt in order for it to be much smoother. Like mechanical models, magnetic models do not have any motor, are lightweight, take up a minimum of space and do not depend on a power source. Other benefits include slower brake band wearing and increased pressure absorption to help you brake gently and protect yourself from injury. Cons – low functionality, low productivity, high load on the musculoskeletal system.


This variant is driven by an electric motor. These are also equipped with computers using which you can program certain operating modes, select the speed of the belt depending on the desired difficulty, control the angle of inclination and much more. The speed range depends on the power of the motor and the technical characteristics of the track.


– A wide selection of various programs for loading different muscle groups, even professional athletes will appreciate them;

– Smooth running of the treadmill and, accordingly, good depreciation;

– Low level of unwanted pressure on the musculoskeletal system;

– Even an audio player and a screen for watching videos or movies are built in modern models.


– Slightly higher price compared to mechanical and magnetic models;

– Dependence to the power, which affects the location;

– Large weight and large size;

Electric treadmills are professional equipment that are most often installed in sports centers.

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