Not a single medical worker can work without such important a tool as a stethoscope. Any doctor needs a device to listen to the heart, bronchus, lungs, and other internal organs of the patient.

Noises and beats occuring when someone listens to internal organs, using pediatric stethoscope, indicate the presence of certain pathologies. To listen to high-frequency and low-frequency sounds, there is an electronic stethoscope nowadays, that eases doctor’s work.

Nevertheless, this amazing, yet simple device is used not only in medical facilities, but by mechanics too. This is why there is also mechanics stethoscope among all the stethoscopes for sale in our shop.

How doctor stethoscope works

The stethoscope itself, is created for examining the heart, lungs and intestines. It looks like a flexible tube bifurcated at one end. The other end is applied to patients skin, above the required organ, and the other to the doctor’s ear. But this is the most primitive instrument. There are several types of this instrument used in modern medicine, that look a bit differently. Moreover, each medical field uses “its own” tools. But in general, we are talking about phonendoscopes equipped with an elastic membrane to track the slightest sounds produced by the lungs, heart, vessels (including renal), intestines, and stethophon endoscopes, which combined the first two devices.

Modern doctors use stethophon endoscopes (a tube, at one end of which the membrane itself, and at the other – headphones). Among the main types of medical stethoscopes are cardiological, pediatric, obstetric, electronic.

A classic nurse stethoscope is a medical device for indirect auscultation (listening) of organs, which is equipped with a cone-shaped sound-pickup funnel (bell). In modern medical practice, improved models of stethoscopes are used, the sound receivers of which are supplemented with a stretched membrane (phonendoscope), which amplifies the sound. 

The price of stethoscope is defined by its type, functionality, sensitivity and whether it is a digital stethoscope. Our catalog contains common types of stethoscopes, that includes:

– Rigid obstetric tubes;

– Soft binaural models with one-channel tube and one-way acoustic head;

– Two-pipe models with welded pipes;

– Split tube stethophonendoscopes (Rappaport);

– Models with double-sided acoustic head.

– Binaural models, in addition to a pick-up device, have a bendable sound-conducting tube, the ends of which are connected to metal arches equipped with ear plugs.

How to choose a the right model

Stethoscope (stethophonendoscopes) price depends on the structure and acoustic characteristics, type and functionality.

We have any stethoscope for sale, but  you should pay attention to the following parameters, to choose the one, that will fit you:

– Number of acoustic tubes (one or two) – two-tube devices conduct sound better. For example, one tube is enough for heart stethoscope.

– Design and material of earpieces – these can be hard or soft, earpieces of some devices turn independently when moving the stethoscope.

– Spring Loaded Arcs – Should grip bushings firmly without applying excessive pressure.

– The shape and material of the membrane rings – metal rings must be warmed before use, unlike plastic counterparts.

– Membrane sensitivity – from 10 Hz to 1 kHz.

– The way of switching listening modes (longitudinal or axial rotation of the head, pressing the head).

– Whether it is a complete set – the presence of replaceable membranes and bells.

– The design of the acoustic head. It may be one-sided or two-sided.

– Choose the model with optimal acoustic characteristics, determine the scope (blood pressure measurement, screening diagnostics, listening to heart murmurs, etc.).

Where do I buy one?

The whole range of the listed models of stethoscopes, phonendoscope and stethophonendoscopes are designed for certain medical examinations, listening to high-frequency and low-frequency noises in various internal organs.

Our online store guarantees that you can purchase only best physical therapy devices, materials and etc. Their main characteristics of our products are:

– High quality materials of all components of the devices;

– High acoustic performance;

– Greater listening accuracy;

– A wide range of models, in different colors;

– Extremely positive feedback from medical specialists;

– Nice price-to-quality ratio;

– By purchasing any products from us, you will receive:

– Great quality medical instrument;

– Quick worldwide delivery;

– An ability to pay in any way convenient for you;

– Wide selection of other medical and physical therapy products that you may need during sessions. Maybe you do massage? We have many products specially for you, like massage tables, sheets, oils and etc.

– The best prices;

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