Massage Tables

Every professional massage therapist, as well as a beginner who plans to master this majestic art, cannot do without special equipment. To equip massage rooms, sooner or later, you will need to buy massage table. After carrying out the procedure on an ordinary couch, the client may not feel any relaxation or recovery, only feel uncomfortable and fatigued, which only means that he/she will no longer want to you to carry out these procedures.

What is a massage therapy table

Any spa massage table is able to provide complete comfort during the procedure, thanks to its special shape and coating. Although the amount of comfort that professional massage tables provide may be much higher. The massage table must necessarily have a backrest that is adjustable, which guarantees comfort for every visitor, as he or she will be able to sit in the most comfortable position.

Here are positive characteristics that even cheap massage tables always have:

– Mobility (In case if it is a portable massage table);

– Can support weight of any client;

– Will last a very long time (Depends on a massage table cost);

– Comfortable, so the procedure will be convenient for both the master and the client. This is why there is an option to purchase an extra wide massage table to fit any of your requirements;

Differences among massage tables for sale

When choosing the right model, it is worth paying attention to some factors, and we will now talk about them.

The type of massage chair and the purpose of its use

 Before buying any model, ask yourself a couple questions, that will help you with the right choice. How and why do you want to use it?

 For family use or trips, a foldable massage table would be perfect. But for the use in a beauty salon or spa, we have stationary massage table for sale. If you plan to use the massage table only for the simple massage, due to the fact that you are a newbie, you should give your preference to a cheap portable massage table. It will not do too much damage to your budget, but will do it’s work for a beginners massage.

Amount of sections

 On a single-section table, you can only take a horizontal position, which means you will not be able to fold up massage table like, so the client will only be able to lay on a completely flat surface. They are much cheaper than multi-section tables. But if you want to carry out many different cosmetic procedures or different experts will work in this working area, you will need a multi-section table. Sometimes the massage table price is reasonably high, such tables are equipped with an electric engine – it makes it possible to change the configuration of the chair in a matter of seconds.


 The optimal table width should be at least sixty centimeters, but the wider, the better. A good variant would be eighty centimeters. Narrower tables are not very comfortable for clients. The length of the table should be around 2 meters, as such table will suit most clients.


 The height of most stationary massage table or portable spa table is usually adjustable between sixty to eighty cm. The wider this range, the better for you. There are several special mechanisms that help you change the height quickly and easily. Most portable massage tables for sale are equipped with telescopic or screw-down legs.

Maximum load

 As a rule, the maximum weight that even any folding massage table can bare is up to 250 kg. if you require models that can withstand bigger weight, then you can find tables that can withstand a load of up to 300 kg.


 The upholstery of any massage table for sale is different. Most often, it is made of leatherette, since this material is extremely easy to clean. Fabric upholstery is not practical, let alone hygienic. The frame of the massage table can be made of wood or aluminum. A wooden base, is most often used for spas, since they are heavier, but lightweight portable massage tables are made of aluminum, as they will be lighter, thus easier to move. Most of the models are filled with synthetic materials. It is the best for the table filler to be dense and resilient.


 Convenience is one of the most important indicators. Any model should be comfortable, with adjustable headrests, armrests and an open space for the face. There are even models that are designed for pregnant women with special openings for the abdomen and chest. This quality is the one you should look up to the most.


 Today there is just a huge number of different massage tables for sale cheap, which makes it very easy to choose the one that fits all your need and compliments the design of interior, where it will be stationed. Many different colors, materials and sizes are up for your choice.

How to make the right choice when buying a massage table?

The number of models of massage tables is extremely large, there are many different options, but when you search “physical therapy table portable”, you may stumble upon our site, that will help you with your choice. We are considered reliable and sell only proven to be good products. 

What indicators should you pay attention to when buying a massage table:

– Choose a trusted and well-known manufacturer;

– Understand both the pros and cons of any model in terms of performance and convenience to make the best choice;

– What do you prefer to see as a base, aluminum or wood;

– How adjustable is it, will it be possible to change its height;

– Is there a special cutout for the face to carry out cosmetic procedures. Not to mention that it will add a lot to the client’s comfort.

– It is also worth paying attention to the portability. Will be better for you to have a stationary or a portable model. It’s size, materials and design mainly depend on this choice.

Folding massage tables – will become an indispensable attribute for those professionals who provide services at client’s homes. However, it should be remembered that such products have a load limitation up to a certain amount of kilograms.

We also have many different products for most types of physical therapy, including massage with a worldwide shipping.


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