Massage Tables

Perhaps one of the most amazing things in the world is loving your job and working with love and true dedication. When the session is over, there is a feeling of rising strength and feeling that can overcome any difficulties with ease. For the masseur, the equipment of the workplace plays an important role, first of all, the capabilities of the massage table itself.

The ideal conditions for him/her are not least the ideal massage table. Let’s imagine how it should be. Sometimes it may be difficult to decide which massage table one should buy, while keeping in mind all of the factors. Nonetheless, buying it online with quick shipping to any part of USA makes it much easier. They can be relatively small or big in order to make client feel comfortable. A portable table for massage is not a dream at all, but the most ordinary reality.

Our massage tables are portable and easy to transport!
Any foldable spa chair turns into a very compact suitcase. Masseurs put on a bag-cover on top and go with such luggage to any address. Although, of course, it is better to transport it by car rather than carry it. The weight of a suitcase can be from 11 to 17 kg, which is not much, but noticeable. Nonetheless it will not be too expensive to ship it to America for example.

Despite being functional they are also beautiful and affordable
The factors that make the portable massage table a masterpiece are compactness, functionality, high durability and affordability. The set includes all the necessary options.

Even the most inexpensive models of our tables have a maximum load capacity of 250 kilograms. Each customer can choose the type of table cover based on their needs. The elegance and beauty of massage equipment is not only made in such way for aesthetic, but also affects the psychoemotional state of clients.

To create the necessary elasticity and softness of the mattress, foam rubber can be used in low-budget portable couches, and multilayer foam material is used as a filler in expensive stationary tables, so there are both affordable and elite variants for purchase to suit any need.

There are options for both professionals and amateurs, including wide price variations.

For a professional massage therapist, a table is a workplace and, of course, an integral part of earning money. And for an ordinary amateur, a spa table is a piece of furniture that simplifies the search for a massage therapist, which allows you to significantly save money and, of course, emphasize your status.

In addition, massage is actively used in cosmetology, and considering a small size of a beauty salon, a folding table is the most suitable equipment. Likewise, folding massage tables allow you to optimize the area of ​​a small massage parlor, additional equipment can be quickly installed as the flow of clients increases.

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