Tape Measure

Where is tape measure used?

A tape measure is probably one of the most important building tools. It is used for taking measurements of a room or getting the exact dimensions of parts or furniture. Our online shop offers customers the widest range of tape measure for sale at the best price. All presented tape measures are made with high precision, therefore, when using them, you will not be mistaken in the calculations and get the correct dimensions.

Also, a tape measure is irreplaceable in clothing. There is no other tool that is so convenient for measuring a body or some kind of clothing. Most of the expensive and elite costumes, wedding dresses and other clothes are resized specifically for the customer, which requires high accuracy of measuring.

What is the difference between the cheap and the expensive tape measure?

If one chooses to buy tape measure, before choosing between all of the products, one should first know what are the parameters.
First of all, on the quality, as well as on the functionality. Here are the characteristics of product quality that may influence for how many years will you use this tool and how many kilometers will it measure:

  1. Marking accuracy, contrast and clarity of the scale, visibility of numbers;
  2. Durable, convenient and compact body;
  3. High-quality anti-corrosion coating of the measuring band (in addition, it protects the application of the scale from being erased);
  4. It will start bending only after the first two meters (in case of construction tape). This is important because it allows measurements to be taken efficiently without assistance.
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