Tape Measure

What is body measure tape

This is just like a regular measure tape, that we use for building, furniture measurement, but redesigned in order to be fitting in terms of measuring body proportions and bodypart size. First of all, tape measure for body is fully flexible, allowing it to bend as much as needed in any parts and amounts, thus being able to fully snuggle the body, in order to be as precise as possible.

The tape itself is usually made of soft plastic, vinyl or cloth, which assures that you will not cut yourself on accident with its thin edges.

Both ends are usually covered with metal or some other hard material and precisely showing with it’s end where does the measuring start or end. This is done to ensure durability of a product, so it will not start tearing apart after few uses.

On a single or both sides of the strip, there is a clear long horizontal line through the whole stripe, divided with smaller vertical lines to indicate each measuring unit. Measuring units on flexible ruler for body (as some people call these) may be centimeters or inches.

In most cases, most expensive models come with a plastic or cloth case with a retruction function, which saves a lot of time, that could have been wasted on folding or rolling the tape back. In a rolled state, these take really small amount of space, assuring you are able to take it anywhere with you.

Where is it used

There are several types of professionals, that always buy body measure tape in order to ease their job.

– Doctors
– Fitness trainers
– Models
– Ateliers
– Seamsts
– Engineers
– Builders
– Designers

And many others! Those who simply wish to keep track of their body proportions or those who wants to lose weight will be actively using these.

Also, this product may be used to measure any other uneven surface, which makes it a diverse tool!

Go ahead and look at body measure tape for sale that we have. We are sure that you will find the most fitting price to quality proportion for you. These are sold in completely different amounts, sizes, lengths, units and colors to fit any customer.

Main Advantages

If you are still hesitating whether you should purchase one of these, here are some facts that may may change your mind:

– This is a completely universal tool.
– Extreme durability ensures that it will serve you for several decades.
– Great stimulus to take care of ones body.
– Has an insignificant price, that everyone can afford
– Usually comes with a small hard case and retruction function

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