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Exercise step platform is a specially designed platform for fitness and step aerobics that simulates climbing and descending stairs. This amazing, yet simple device has been used since the beginning of the twentieth century, and is in wide demand to this day among both women and men, who want to quickly deal with calories, make their body fit and overall get in shape. Step up platform is good, because it can be easily used at home, so today we will pay attention to the smallest details, you should pay close attention to before choosing and buying a step up workout platform.

What is the aerobic step platform used for, it’s advantages

As we have already mentioned in previously, this devices are very effective in terms of burning calories and it is extremely simple to use them. A wide variety of exercises can be performed on fitness step platform, which might also be used as part of strength or crossfit training to increase muscle stress.

Main advantages:

– Thanks to training on the step platform, you can lose weight very quickly. 

– Around 200 sets of exercises have been developed to work out muscle groups of your whole body, contributing to rapid weight loss. You can choose any training program that you like!

– This is a versatile sports equipment with a simple design, thanks to which your workouts can be performed anywhere: at home, in the gym, outdoors or in your office;

– Aerobic deck has a convenient size, which means it will not to take up much space in your room and will not create inconvenience to you, nor your family, friends or roommates.

– After few well-designed exercises, you can get into beautiful and embossed shape in a short period of time;

– An excellent tension on the muscles of legs is created, which allows toning them up. It prevents the development of varicose veins, increase the overall endurance of your body, and improve coordination. This cardio exercise is beneficial for both health and well-being

– Often, a aerobic step board is used as a tool for fast weight loss. While rising and falling on a step, calf muscles, thighs, buttocks are thoroughly involved. Whole body is in constant tension, due to which the press, muscles of the back and sides are worked out.

The main exercises on workout step platform:

– Stepping up and down with or without dumbbells;

– Performing push-ups from step up exercise platform to work out muscles of arms, chest and back;

– Stretching;

Usually, sets of exercises on exercise aerobic step deck are designed in a way so the whole body is working to its limit, including triceps and biceps. Final result depends on the training intensity – either you will work out your whole body for a month, or you can do simpler trainings on it for at least six months, but this should be determined by your trainer who knows your health condition and how physically developed you are.

Nevertheless, many celebrities and well-known athletes practice the so-called STEP FIT to maintain their body in good shape.

Who should not use aerobic step benches

Unfortunately, there are some people who should use these more carefully or not use at due to the health conditions. These people are:

– Too obese people. During exercising on the fitness aerobic step, the ankle joints and knee muscles are actively involved. Having a weight of 110 kg or more, there is a high risk of injury and health damage.

– People with heart failure. While any cardio workout can help strengthen the cardiovascular system, physical activity using the platform can be harmful. Strengthen your heart gradually and only then start using this device.

– People with the following diseases: arthrosis, osteochondrosis, osteoporosis, arthritis, scoliosis of 2-3 degrees.

Types of aerobic step for sale

While designing this device, manufacturers take into account all the subtleties of human body in order to avoid injuries, slips and falls. Therefore, it is better to give your preference to a professional platform. Not only it is inexpensive, it is also solid and has a nice design, that will compliment any interior design.

In order to choose a high quality aerobic step risers, you should consider these:


 Its width should be at least 30 cm, otherwise you may twist your legs. Length should be at least 60 cm. These dimensions are the minimum, but the bigger they are, the more convenient it will be to train. Nevertheless, small sized models are easier to travel with and to store.

Adjustable height

 Aerobics, fitness, strength training should gradually increase in tension. Therefore, it is important that the platform can be increased in height. The lowest height of the platform should be around 10-15 cm. Height adjustment of the product is provided either by removable sections or by reconfiguring the supports. Both options are good.

Material and construction

 A good, professional model is made of durable plastic with an internal metal frame, less often a wooden one. The surface of the product itself must be rubberized. Otherwise, the trainee’s legs may slip. It is advisable to wear shoes with rubberized soles to minimize the risk of slipping.

Maximum weight

The step platform should be suitable for weight of its users. A standard step weighs 8-9 kg. The more weight, the heavier the user can be. A 15-kilogram platform can support a weight of 120 kg.

No platform should bend under the weight of the user, otherwise it will not last too long.

Any fitness club nowadays has some steps, since this direction in fitness is considered one of the most effective in terms of achieving excellent results in losing weight. Modern models have high technical performance, are stable, made of durable materials. 

While choosing a step platform for yourself, give preference to high-quality models before ordering and it will serve you for many years. Not to mention that you will avoid injuries during exercises. Our online store is happy to offer you modern physical therapy and exercising products with worldwide delivery and best quality to price ratio. If you are looking for other fitness equipment, do not forget to visit other categories on our website.

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