Boxing is not just a blow to the head, but a whole strategy, where every muscle is involved, where you need to apply cardio, strength training and mental abilities. It is important to feel all the aspects necessary for a worthy fight.

There are several sets of “rules” or “strict standards” you need to follow if you want to be a boxer, yet the fighting is unique and not like any sport, ever. I will try to explain it all.

The sport of boxing is tough and brutal. Let’s start with a punch, or a punch-line. Just imagine how the punch looks, and what is the construction of it, if we call it the punch.

The upper half of the body (chest, shoulders) moves forward. The lower half (thighs, knees and ankles) stay still.

Most boxing punches have a 4-6 beats structure, with hard percussion lasting a bit longer than the beginning and end of the hits.

The step, one of the most important parts, is directly related to the punch, it controls the force and the length of the punch.

There is no hitting with the body, but with the hands, all joints involved are involved in the punch, every muscle is stressed, it’s a real workout.

There are rules or regulations, but there are also no worries about what goes on in this regard, for, the idea of these rules is not to discipline and watch what you do, it’s to help you get better.

There are techniques and rules, in this regard. The key thing is to do them properly and correctly. For example, a clinch has a set of rules and, of course, the aim is to do it properly. If you do not keep your hands up and away from your body, you may be deducted points and penalties.

Boxing shoes are a must if you want to box, you need to have the necessary protection. The best shoes are padded, you need to have 4 of them. Gloves are considered a part of the gloves you are wearing, they have a perfect shape and size. Gloves come with different thickness and elasticity.

There are punches that you must not do. These are either knees, elbows and knees. These are penalized in different ways, but not much.

There are counter-punches you can use, these are not penalized in any way. They should be the final resort, because they will be the only ones you can do if you really need to.

The aim of the game is to get closer to your opponent, even if that means going to the floor or using dirty tricks. Just use your judgement.

The aggression and the desire to win are most important, but the intensity is the most important thing. You must practice hard, because you need to feel all the parts, to know when the punches you do are damaging.

As we see, the sport of boxing is tough and brutal, but to make it better, we must be careful about what we do, to enjoy it more. It’s a worthy sport, and I am proud to be a boxer.

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