Sheets for Massage

Medicine in our time is developing at an extreme paste. The variety of procedures is simply stunning, and each one of them requires its own special set of tools. One of the things that all cosmetologists, massagers, doctors, dentists and others always have in demand is a disposable sheet. It is absolutely necessary for massage rooms, beauty salons, for the hygienic coating of chairs, tables, couches, etc.

Although, considering our topic, these are called disposable massage table sheets and are shaped a bit differently.

One of the most popular is the most popular types of sheets for massage are packed as a roll. It is easy to use, to store and to adjust it.

Massage table sheets

Disposable products have been a standard in many areas of life for a long time. It is especially in demand in the field of massage and beauty, where strict sanitary and hygienic standards apply. Therefore, such establishments simply cannot operate without disposable massage table covers.

Benefits of using massage table cover

 Disposable sheets can be used for a massage table, and can also be laid on a couch or chair for medical, beauty or spa treatments. The use of sheets will allow you to maintain the required level of sterility and show customers that you take your job seriously and care about fulfilling sanitary and hygienic standards.

 Massage bed sheets will protect expensive equipment from contamination, greatly simplify its preparation for work and extend its service lifetime. With them, the staff will not have to treat the couch or massage table with disinfectant solutions every time; it is enough to lay a new disposable sheet for each new client.

 Massage sheet sets have an affordable price and can significantly save finances, since the purchase of textile sheets and their regular washing will cost much more. Not to mention how boring it will be to do.

What are massage table covers made of?

 The most common material for making massage table fitted sheets is spunbond non-woven polypropylene material. It is absolutely hypoallergenic, has an antibacterial effect, is air permeable, but at the same time has high water-repellent properties and is well resistant to alkalis and acids.

 Oil- and water-resistant sheets are made of laminated spunbond, in which the bottom layer is thin polyethylene, firmly soldered onto a non-woven fabric. SMS sheets consist of two spunbond layers, between which there is a meltblown non-woven material with increased absorption properties. Such disposable sheets can be used for massage, in cosmetology, during spa procedures.

In medicine, two-layer sheets made of 100% cellulose are often used, which absorbs moisture well, but retains strength even when wet. Most often, paper sheets are placed on the medical couch during ultrasound and other medical procedures.

Rolled massage sheets – convenience and practicality

By purchasing disposable sheets in bulk, customers receive a quality product and a lot of advantages. The products have a pleasant texture, look stylish, effectively emphasizing the attitude towards the client, arousing his trust. 

If you are still hesitating whether you should start working with massage table blankets, here are some benefits of using these:

– Antiseptic properties

– Hig hygiene

– Massage table linens are characterized by hypoallergenic properties.

– Non-toxic, environmental safety.

 -Breathable, moisture repellent properties.

– Disposable bed sheets are completely lint-free.

– Wrinkle-free surface.

– Resistant to damage, chemicals.

– Ability to withstand different temperature conditions.

– Convenience of replacement.

– Any massage table sheet set is available at an affordable price in a wide variety of widths and colors.

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