Exercise Balls

Speaking of exercise balls, they are extremely cheap in comparison to other sport equipment, while proposing a completely new types of exercises. After all, yoga ball is comfortable and absolutely safe, suitable for both adults and children, and most importantly, gym ball is an absolute pleasure to work with.

Before you are going to buy pilates ball, you should first think of a fitting size, which will greatly differ depending on your height and your weight. Each fitball supports an indicated amount of weight and will be the most fitting for the people of indicated height.

It would seem that such a simple at first glance fitness accessory as a pilates ball can be used in various exercises and is useful both for yoga and during gymnastics for pregnant women. Here are just some of the possible uses for fitball:

  1. Power training – The ball is a great alternative to the power bench, that will add something new to and old exercise.
  2. Abdominal workout – Abdominal work increases the range of motion compared to doing it on the floor, and this makes your workout more effective.
  3. Stretching – The ball is a great tool for stretching and relaxing nearly every muscle in your body, which is related to yoga and pilates.
  4. Gymnastics for pregnant women – if you buy yoga ball you might also use it in exercises for expectant mothers, as training on fitball relieves tension from the spine and strengthens the pelvis.
  5. Aerobics with children – Why not try interesting your child in sports and gymnastics, you can do it if you simply buy exercise ball. Most children a really eager to play with them.

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