Punching Bag Accessories

If you have a punching bag (or punching bag) and you train regularly, sooner or later you will need to buy bindings for them. The fact is that these parts are quite fragile, especially considering the fact that the boxer constantly strikes the boxing machine with strong blows.

The mounts, of course, cope with the load, but over time they still break / break. For safety and avoiding injuries, it is always advisable to invest in these parts for the punching bag.

You should buy high-quality (such as oil-resistant) parts. Inexpensive ones will break in just a couple of months and you will probably find yourself throwing away all the exercises you’ve been doing for months. It is possible to buy some cheap ones for boxing.

Many times the rear end of the parts will have an adhesive substance, but this will wear off over time and you will have to replace it. Another disadvantage of such cheap parts is that the way the parts are made, the bags don’t have all the properties needed to be good for training. You need something with a lot of sand and particles, for example. Cheapish bags will break when you are using them in a strong environment, even with a closed fist.

Sizes and Models

If you’re looking for a specific part for your punching bag, make sure to check the sizes. Some machines come with specific parts that fit perfectly and allow you to start at the strongest setting. When buying the parts for your bag, you need to ask for the sizes from the manufacturer.

The following parts are often used for the back-piece (the part that holds the handle), the handle, and the front mount. A back-piece that fits perfectly, allows you to press at the full range of the bags’ force.

The left part of the bag does not serve any functional purpose, because there’s only one way to control the bag, when using the heavy right-hand attack. In a competition environment, you would probably not want to use it because it will give you a severe beating when your bag is too big.

The handle is a vital part of your punching bag. You can be sure that you will always find the right part, no matter the model. It should be thicker and made of reinforced material, such as stainless steel. A handle that is too thin will break easily and the bag will not be able to deal with the stress of your punches.

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