Postpartum Belly Band

When should I start wearing postpartum belly band?

The time to start using the postpartum belt is individually set for each woman. Some mothers are advised to wear a postpartum belly wrap a few hours after the birth, which may differ from others, who should wear it only a week later. Only a doctor can give exact recommendations, relying on general health, physiological condition and how the process of childbirth went.

When wearing a postpartum recovery belt, it is extremely important to maintain natural blood circulation. Therefore, you should not wear such devices for more than 12 hours. And even in this period of time, it is necessary to remove the belt for about 40 minutes every 3 hours. This general recommendation must be followed for all types of compression belly band.

Do you need it after natural birth?

In many cases, bandages are recommended to buy for women who gave an unnatural birth. However, in all other situations there is no prohibition on wearing postnatal belly band. Therefore, it will be useful for a quicker recovery of the figure, as well as to relieve the back ache.

Thus, natural childbirth is not an obstacle for wearing a postpartum (after birth) belly binder. Contraindications to its use are only the following situations:

The presence of stitches in the perineal area – the tightening belt will contribute to the blood circulation disturbance, which will prolong the healing period of stitches.

The appearance of edema – as a rule, appears with renal diseases, and then the bandage, on the contrary, will squeeze the edematous zones.

So, as you see, there are not too much contraindications.

After giving birth, many women buy orthopedic products, which are designed to ease the first weeks pain, and then return to their previous forms. However, for the maximum benefit, it is important to know how to buy the postpartum brace that is right for you. You also need to be able to correctly put on and wear postpartum belly belt.

How to choose a postpartum brace

After giving birth, women, even in perfect physical shape, cannot protect themselves from the problem of a distended abdomen. Removing body fat is not an easy task. A postpartum (for after birth) girdle that we have for sale will help you facilitate and speed up the process of restoring the previous proportions of your body.

An improperly selected bandage can cause a lot of trouble for a woman. Instead of performing its beneficial functions of improving muscle tone, an inappropriate corset can overstrain the pelvic bones and harm the organs in the lower abdomen. To avoid such mistakes, before buying, you need to pay attention to the following facts:

– For the correct selection of the postpartum waist trainer (band), it is important to measure the waist and hips. Manufacturers usually provide a sizing table where you can find the right option.

– High-tier postpartum belly support belts are made of elastic fabrics based on natural fibers (cotton, microfiber, elastane). Natural materials perfectly absorb water and allow the skin to breathe. This feature will not work so well with synthetic fabrics. Belts made of such fibers also greatly fix the position of the abdomen and remove excess moisture.

– Before purchasing a after birth waist belt, you should pay attention to the type of fastening elements. Multilevel fasteners optimally adjust the width of the belt based on the change in body volume. This allows the bandage to better fit the lumbar region.

– Without special need, you do not need to take a after birth belly band (wrap) already used by other people. Even if they are extremely neat, in whose cleanliness you can be sure. The fact is that over time, the useful properties of the device go away – they lose elasticity and no longer do the required effect.

Belt Models

There are three main types of postpartum (after birth) abdominal binders:

1. Combined (universal) belt

Suitable both before and after the baby is born. It ss the most affordable option. After the child is born, this type of upspring belly wrap is worn with the wide side to the stomach, and the narrow side to the back.

– Saves money, but, you need to purchase two products at once;
– Increased level of hygiene;
– Efficiently performs its functions: thanks to the high back, the abdomen is lifted, and the lower back – the spine is supported, there is no pressure on the lower back.

– there is a possibility that the belt may seem uncomfortable after childbirth, even if the product fit perfectly during pregnancy;
– With frequent use, the corset wears out quickly, some women note that their belt did not “make it” before childbirth;

2. Corset panties

With the help of such after baby belly band, excess layers are removed on the body, and on the hips there are manifestations of dimples and tubercles simply disappear.

– Perfectly adjusts the parameters of the waist, hips, buttocks;
– You can choose models of a very different price segment – both cheap options and premium ones are for sale;
– A large selection of products;
– Looks spectacular under any clothes.

– May be difficult to pull in the first days after pregnancy;
– This bandage is put on a naked body, which may be unhygienic if used for too long;
– It is important to choose the right product, as if it is not selected correctly, it will not be possible to adjust the size.

3. Bandage tape

This product, with the help of special velcro, securely covers and tightens the belly.

– Such postpartum (after birth) tummy wrap serves as an effective support for the spine;
– It easily adjusts to the figure with Velcro fasteners;
– Easy to put on, easy to take off;
– High hygiene;
– wide range of models for sale.

– Belt elements of such postpartum (after birth) stomach wrap are visible under tight-fitting clothing;
– During movement, sometimes it may roll down to the lower back;

Modern manufacturers of orthopedic products improve the models of shaping corsets every year. A young mother, depending on her tastes, can freely buy a postpartum device that will fully correspond to her physiological characteristics.

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