Scales & Stadiometers


In modern schools and preschools, clinics and medical centers, the procedure for measuring growth is always relevant. For these purposes, special designs are usually used, called stadiometers or scales.

A stadiometers consist of a vertical bar with divisions and a horizontal bar with which it is used for body length measurement. Until the age of one year, the height of the child is usually measured lying down, and after 1 year – in the standing position.

For these purposes, all of the establishments above always buy scales and sometimes buy stadiometers too.


There are scales for sale too, they may be used in everyday life to keep track of own weight. Overall, there are two types of scales: mechanical and electrical.

Basically, mechanical scales are used to use a measuring spring. When a person is standing on the weights, it is pulled down and rotates the arrow on the scale of weighing proportionally. Mechanical weights are more simple than electronic in terms of usage. mechanical scales do not need to change the battery or recharge, and the maximum scalable weight is reasonably high.

In electronic weights, the weight measurement is displayed on the digital display. In order for them to work, they usually use a battery with a voltage of 9B or 1.5B. There are also electronic models powered by solar panels. Practically all of these are switched on and off automatically. The main advantage of electronic scales that there are a lot of extra features.

Sometimes it may be had to find stadiometer for sale, but we provide many different models to satisfy needs of any client.

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