Workout Bars

Home workout bars will be an excellent solution for the home, and it will proove it is useful in any gym. Workout bars take up very little space, while bringing tremendous benefits. Our online store offers a wide selection of them.

Different models are designed for different loads, so when buying one, you should take into consideration the weight of the person who will use it and the features of the exercises that are supposed to be done. Favorable prices and home delivery will be a pleasant addition to the shopping process.

Overall there are two types workout bars:

Home workout bars. These horizontal bars are constructed according to construction types that are optimally suited for home use. This sports equipment can be installed directly on the wall, in the corner of the house or in the doorway.

Fitness class. Special horizontal bars, which were designed specifically for effective fitness training. In their design, manufacturing companies were guided by the recommendations of fitness experts.

Choosing among numerous variants, first of all, you should think of room into which the specified inventory will be installed. In accordance with this and the specific area of ​​free space for mounting, it is worth choosing a structural type of equipment.

An over-door horizontal bar is ideal for small spaces. Its advantage lies in the fact that this model is considered the most compact and helps saving free space.

Another popular variation is wall mounted bar. They are attached to the wall using special bolts. Choosing such a horizontal bar, you should take into account your own body weight. So you can decide on the loads that the desired model can withstand.

Ceiling horizontal bars attract the attention of athletes due to their compactness.

Corner horizontal bar requires some space for its installation. Its ends are attached to different walls. It is considered one of the most convenient models of this inventory.

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