These devices belong to the climate technology segment. Their main purpose is to fully humidify the air flow in a particular room.

They are mostly used in commercial kitchens. They usually come with different cartridges, which are divided into 13 types. There are also high quality air filtration devices available for very small kitchen appliances.

There are many different methods to completely humidify the air flow in the kitchen; the most popular and most commonly used is using sodium hydroxide, however there are more cool and alternative ways.

Therefore, they all have a special and unique distinction. Let’s take a look at the most popular types of humidifiers, and take a quick look at the benefits and disadvantages.

Main concepts of Humidifiers

There are quite a few simple basic concepts about humidifiers, that you should be aware of.

How and when are the devices used?

There are three main forms of humidifiers – Wireless, Manual and Dry.

Wi-Fi mobile humidifier – These are easy to install and work. They are being used in restaurants, office, and homes.

When should you use it?

The main goal of a humidifier is to get your food to the right moisture level. It is good for people who don’t like to spend a lot of time with a device.

If your dishes are dry, and you frequently cook in your kitchen, you will need to install a humidifier in your kitchen. And it is very good to do, because it can keep your dishes wet.

You don’t really need to do anything special; the humidifier needs to be on for as long as possible, in the area of your dishes.

But if you want to use your humidifier in a bigger space, you’ll need to put some hygienic gauze or clothing on the device for it to work properly.

Air flow in the humidifier is enhanced when air gets stale or humid in the room. It can only be created by a humidifier when there is abundant humidity inside.

Relatively low units with ceiling of 25mAH and less are suitable for small spaces; while high units with ceiling of 20mAH are good for bigger spaces.

Coupled with a humidifier you will get no drips or fogging and usually a better air flow. If you run air in a room for a long time (20-30 mins) without putting a humidifier on it, then it should have its water level over 50%.

You can add a tank for a sustained mist if your room air is damp and contains a lot of moisture. Some models with 360mm diameter have more than 70% water supply.

How to use an electric humidifier?

A humidifier can be installed without needing any other equipment, except an electrical outlet, and water supply for the humidifier.

What is the best humidifier?

There are different things to consider when buying a humidifier. Before we take a closer look at the details, let’s take a look at the most common types of humidifiers.

Main types of humidifiers

Humidifiers have many different types, because a type of humidifier is more suited for a particular purpose than another. The first is automatic humidifiers. These devices are connected to the electric grid, and make sure that the air is kept constant and humid for a certain amount of time. These are used in humidify your home during the winter.

Second kind of humidifiers are less organized. This type of humidifier is connected to a plumbing and is connected to your appliances and your home. This type of humidifier operates continuously, and during a certain period of time keeps your home too moist for it to be able to be liveable.

Those are the most basic humidifiers that come with a central heating system. They also provide heating during winter, but the lack of electricity from the grid to the humidifier, makes them unreliable during the winter.

The use of battery-operated humidifiers is also common in high end restaurants and hotels. However, these kinds of humidifiers use dry heat instead of damp heat, and they are therefore not as reliable during the winter.

Now you know what is the best kind of humidifier, you may also want to read about its disadvantages. The things that cause the most problems are the following;

How do you keep your temperature from getting too high?

Do you always need water?

Does it always make your water warmer?

Is your humidifier powered by gas, electricity, or other sources?

In our guide we will tell you how to choose the right humidifier, whether you need one or not, and how to make the best use of it.

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