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Cupping massage is perfect for all women who are familiar with the problem of cellulite, as well as back problems (osteochondrosis). This unique massage procedure is practiced by experienced healthcare providers and is ideal for healthy or distressed skin. The aim of cupping massage is to stimulate the circulation, and stimulate cell multiplication, thus stimulating the production of collagen.

Cupping massage is so effective for the treatment of cellulite and other cellulite related problems that it has been used in China for many years, and this treatment can help bring down your cellulite percentage, as well as decrease the depth of your cellulite.

How Does Cupping Massage Work?

Cupping massage is practiced to stimulate the flow of blood, and increase the flexibility and cell multiplication of the skin. The cupping massage technique is based on an ancient Chinese herbal therapy. The cupping is performed using a strong metal cup filled with warm (90°C or 194°F) tea. The cups are warmed with water, and the water should be adjusted to accommodate the patients’ temperature.

This procedure starts with cupping around the areas of pressure, and it continues with cupping around the legs. Cupping massages can be used for a number of treatments such as acne reduction, cellulite, muscles massages, and joint pain. However, the main focus of the cupping massage is the stimulation of the circulation and increase in cell multiplication.

Useful Cupping Massage Technique

This kind of massage has been practiced for more than a thousand years. The cupping massage procedure is done by using cupping cups. A strong, tapered cup is filled with an herbal infusion (usually local berries or flower petals).

Cupping cups used in cupping massage come in a variety of different sizes. As an alternative to the traditional metal cup, there are special bamboo cups for cupping massage. You can also use wooden ones. It is suggested to select cupping cups that are designed for the types of cupping massage that you will be using. For example, it is preferable to use a long, thinner cupping cup than a short, wider one.

Cupping Massage Massage Benefits

With cupping massage, the goal is to increase the flow of blood to the skin, the system, and stimulate the blood circulation. This is beneficial for those women who are suffering from muscle tension and problems with blood circulation.

When cupping massage is applied to the skin, it gives rise to cells and thickening. After cupping is applied on the skin, the cells start multiplying, thus enhancing the strength of the skin. The closer the cells are to the surface of the skin, the more cell multiplication is likely to occur. This is why cupping massages are highly recommended for women with darker skin tones, such as black or dark brown. As a result of the increased cell multiplication, the skin of darker skin is usually a lot firmer, suppler, and smoother. This improves the appearance of the skin.

Another advantage of cupping massage is that it can reduce the depth of the cellulite. It is estimated that 100% of the women can get rid of the problem of cellulite by undergoing this treatment. This is one of the main advantages of cupping massages.

Cupping massages are also helpful for the treatment of damaged skin. If the skin of the back is in a bad condition, it can be rejuvenated through cupping massages. If the damaged skin of the back is less thick and more flexible, the cupping massage can improve its appearance.

For sore or inflamed skin, cupping massage can provide some much needed relief. The treatment of massage of sore or inflamed skin is often done with the help of cupping cups. Cupping massages for sore and inflamed skin are believed to stimulate the production of collagen in the skin.

Cupping Massage And Cell multiplication

Cupping massages have been used in traditional Chinese medicine for a long time to treat many different health conditions. When the density of the tissues increases, cells multiply faster, thus improving the appearance of the skin.

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