Massage Vacuum Cups

Vacuum massage – benefits and effectiveness

The days when vacuum cupping therapy was performed using fire and glass containers are gone! 

Now there are more advanced models of massage vacuum cups, which use the method of air deflation, using a special pump. The price for vacuum massage jars depends on the material (polycarbonate, polymer, plastic), size and the type of design: models can be represented by a rubber bulb, magnetic nozzles or plastic pumps.

How vacuum massage therapy is done

The principle of operation of vacuum suction massage cups is that the air is deflated and the device is adhered to the skin. Massage cups are used to fight off cellulite (This is why they are sometimes refed to as cellulite vacuum cups), in the process of getting rid of excess weight and for therapeutic or prophylactic purposes. These are used to increase blood circulation and accelerate lymph flow. Massage vacuum cupping helps in healing the body, stimulating metabolic processes, actively nourishing cells with useful substances and oxygen. You can buy cellulite massage cups instead of doing a whole body massage.

You can use cupping vacuum for:

– To relax muscles

– To improving blood flow

– To saturate cells with vital elements

– To reduce pain

– To vacuum massage cellulite

– To strengthen your immune system

These are no less effective than a manual anti-cellulite massage!

Types and features of suction cup massager:

When choosing massage vacuum cans, it is worth considering the varieties of these products. Not all of them can only vacuum massage cellulite, some can do face vacuum massage!


 Initially, in such models, the vacuum was created using fire. But now there are new rubber pads. The advantages of such models include ease of cleaning and the ability to regulate pressure. 


 It’s advantage is safety, low price and ease of use. The downside is that the rubber absorbs the cream for the mass, which complicates the process of cleaning the product. As a result, microorganisms accumulate on the surface, which reduces the hygiene.

Nevertheless, these may be used as vacuum facial massage cups.


 The most popular models that does not the disadvantages of rubber and glass cups. The advantages include hygiene and ease of maintenance. They work on various parts of the body, which means they may be used as vacuum massage cups for face.

Cups with a pump

 These are models that have a special pump. It’s material is usually plastic. The advantages include the ability to adjust the pressure and the absence of problems with the cans falling off the massage area. 

Cups with a valve (suction cups)

 Recently, vacuum massage cups with a special valve have appeared on the market. With the help of the it, you can regulate the pressure, and change the level of exposure to the skin. Such models are increasingly used to treat cellulite and are supplemented with a magnetic attachment.

This product allows for precise and reflex procedures, helping in expanding blood and lymph vessels, which restores normal microcirculation in a fairly short time. Due to the vacuum-suction effect on tissues, it is possible to use cupping massage not only in the treatment of cellulite or obesity, but also in the complex therapy of colds, lung diseases, neuralgia, VSD, sciatica, osteochondrosis, etc. But you should remember that vacuum massage cups need to be used wisely, so as not to harm your health. And to achieve the effect of the procedures, do not forget about proper nutrition and exercise!

Medical vacuum cups have a special design that ensures the creation of low pressure in the cavity between the inner part and the body. 

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