Knee Braces

 The knee brace is, depending on the model, an elastic, semi-rigid or rigid brace. Its task is to provide compression to normalize blood circulation and create a protective frame that prevents injury. The knee pad relieves some of the pressure from the joint and the surrounding connective tissues.

Benefits of using knee brace

Previously, for injuries and diseases of the knee joint, elastic bandages were used, and for severe injuries, a plaster cast was used. But nowadays, people use another device. The knee immobilizer brace has a number of advantages. When using a bandage, it is difficult to independently determine the required degree of tension, as a result, patients often put too much pressure to their limbs. This leads to the fact that the blood supply is disrupted, the tissues receive less oxygen and nutrition, the healing process is delayed, and in severe cases this can cause their death. If the bandage is providing not enough pressure, there will be no effect. In addition, during the day the bandages may slip off, and their appearance is not aesthetic. In contrast, knee support are invisible under trousers, provide the necessary compression, do not interfere with movements and do not slip.

Who needs knee sleeves and when

 This amazing device might be especially useful in the following cases:

  • High physical activity, sports;
  • Treatment of degenerative-dystrophic diseases and inflammation of the joint: arthrosis, arthritis, synovitis, bursitis, etc .;
  • Joint injuries of varying severity: fractures, dislocations, subluxations, etc .;
  • In case of damage to ligaments, muscles, tendons;
  • Instability of the knee joint;
  • Postoperative period;
  • Schlatter-Osgood disease.
  • Active people, who can’t live without regular sports and sport games. A basketball knee brace that is quite similar to the runners knee brace can effectively save you from immediate damage or long-lasting effects of such sports.

Since the problem is easier to prevent than to look for ways to solve it later, it is recommended to use a knee brace when rollerblading, skateboarding, skating and doing other activities associated with the likelihood of falling. Knee support brace is often used by football players, handball players, weightlifters and other athletes where the risk of knee injuries is high.

How to choose the right knee strap

Before buying a knee brace, you need to consult a doctor. Depending on the degree of injury and destruction of the joint, a certain degree of rigidity is assigned. In addition, knee stabilizers are available with an open and close knee cap. If it is difficult to determine the localization of pain, then a closed model would be better. Also, when choosing a knee brace for pain, you should focus on swelling, if the leg is swollen, then you should choose a detachable structure in which can be regulated.

When choosing a knee supports & braces, you should pay attention to the material. It should be hypoallergenic, if required. Many manufacturers use 3D knitting technology for good compression. If a thermal effect is required, a bandage with wool is needed. When falls in your favorite sport activity are inevitable, a model with a silicone insert in the kneecap area may be quite useful

Types of knee brace sleeve

There are the following types knee support sleeve available:

1. Soft bandages

 They are used to prevent injuries, with sprains, chronic diseases of the joint to facilitate walking, when going up and down stairs. That is why they are often referred to as knee support for running. Knee brace for running is also used for heavy lifting, hiking and other high loads. 

2. Semi-rigid clamps 

 These have special stiffening ribs and adjustment belts. They are prescribed for pain caused by degenerative-dystrophic changes in the joint, with instability, after injuries and surgical interventions. Nevertheless, this type of models is also sometimes used as knee support for walking for extra safety.

3. Rigid orthoses

 This type of knee band is a functional device with hinges, locks and other mechanisms. The price of a knee stabilizer brace of this type is the highest, due to the complexity of the design. In some of them, during rehabilitation, the angle of flexion-extension can be increased, which allows the use of the orthosis, both immediately after a serious injury or surgery, when it is necessary to limit mobility in the joint, and at the last stages of recovery;

4. Splints

 These can be used instead of plaster splints for joint immobilization. These models are literally the knee immobilizer. These are the toughest products – from the middle of the lower leg to the thigh. Their use without a doctor’s prescription is not recommended.

The healing properties of knee compression sleeve

A compression knee brace has the following beneficial healing effects:

– Improves blood circulation, tissue nutrition, which is important for regeneration processes, reducing inflammation and pain;

– Prevents damage to joints and connected tissues during high pressure;

– Stabilizes knee joints;

– Reduces muscle tension;

– Greatly helps restoring the motor activity of a limb.

You can purchase knee compression for preventing damage purposes on your own, and if you want to buy yourself knee sleeves for pain during the rehabilitation period, then the type of fixator should be determined by the doctor based on the diagnosis.

How to determine size

For all manufacturers, the size tables are slightly different, so you need to follow the instructions on the provided paper documentation or on the packaging of a particular model. Nevertheless, you can always search online for them. Before buying any model after injury, surgery or joint diseases, it is recommended to look for different models to make the best decision. To do this, you can visit our online store , where you can find numerous different models for different purposes.

in order to measure the circumference of the knee joint, you can use a measuring tape. Some models also take into account the volume of the mid-calf and thigh. Next, you should compare the obtained data with the size table of a specific model.

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