Amino Acids

Amino Acids

One of the modern units of sports nutrition are amino acids. These are the chemical units that form proteins. Their various forms take part in all processes of the human body. These various forms are found in all animals. We have seen that today the most important ones are methionine, cysteine, leucine and threonine. They are the building blocks of proteins.

Today’s story will tell how the different proteins formed on earth are formed and where it all comes from.

It is important that we understand what these different proteins do and how they work.


The basic building blocks of all living things. Rice is the essential food of all animals. Rice is the source of the great amount of enzymes in nature. It is the source of vitamins A, D, E, K, calcium, iron, zinc, molybdenum, silicon, and manganese. This type of food does not have a negative influence on our metabolism or our life span.

Trachina rotifer rice

The oldest living organism. This rice can be found in the Himalayas. A rice plant is a large stems with leaves and flower. It is very hard to grow and people can find more than 2,000 species of this plants.

Rice is a grass plant, which can be cultivated into a grain that contains about 6% protein. Its compound which has tremendous natural protein is called pentose sugars.

Oleic acid

The unrefined oil found in meat and dairy and used as a medium for higher nourishment. This oil is the most prized animal fat in the world. No other food could give people the same amount of protein as fatty meat or milk.


Helium is a gas in the lower atmospheric levels and works in the hemoglobin in the red blood cells. This molecule assists in reducing the wear and tear on the blood and improves the body’s ability to regulate the temperature. Helium also supports heart and lungs functions.

Rubus idaeus

Rice seeded with the oil from root of this tree is also very tasty. A rice contains sufficient energy to be sufficient in a balanced diet. Other Chinese forms of rice (such as waddy) are relatively richer in calories.


Carotene is found in all fresh fruits, vegetables and nuts. The color changes when a chemical is subjected to oxygen in the presence of oxygen that is not present in our air. Carotene does not produce vitamin A in this process. This is the function of other sunflower, sunflower sprout, soybean, corn and oats.


The main sugar in all plants, it is a derivative of starch. It can be divided into three different types; fructose, glucose, and galactose.

Fructose is the most important energy source in our diet and that’s what the enzymes within our body like to use when it produces energy.

Glucose or dextrose is a form of sugar that is found in most foods and drinks. In the 20th century, this form was extensively used in the chemical industry to make all sugar for the supermarkets and small manufacturers. In more recent years, it has been used in numerous medicines.


The body has a highly efficient process to produce proteins from carbohydrates in amino acids. Glycine is the body’s preferred form of protein.

Other essential amino acids

We have been spending a lot of time talking about what these proteins are. What is most important to understand is that there are a number of other amino acids that are made in the body. These are the building blocks of protein that makes our bodies function correctly.

There are amino acids that are used as an energy source in the body; i.e. leucine, isoleucine and valine. This latter two amino acids are the first forms of protein in the body. The other amino acids are all less common. They are extremely important in our body because they regulate the metabolism.

Isoleucine, lysine and tyrosine

Isoleucine is the first of the five amino acids to be made in our bodies. Leucine is the second and valine the third. Leucine is needed by the body as a precursor in the process of making protein.

Isoleucine itself, i.e. leucine, is a good energy source for the body. It is converted to all three types of building blocks of protein.

Tyrosine is also a good energy source for the body.

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