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Duct tape is a self-adhesive tape. It is widely used as a packaging material and an adhesive.It can be used with paper, cardboard, plastic and other packaging materials. Its fields of application and capabilities are constantly expanding, which indicates its operational prospects. If you buy taping supplies, they will be useful in any home.

Self-adhesive bandage, with which you can create fixing bandages of any type, superimposed on rounded or tapered parts of the body. Regular bandages have a tendency to loosen and slip, while cohesive bandages last as long as necessary.

With them, any bandage will be fixed on the body without hindering movements. When using a bandage, it is enough to wrap it around the injured area of ​​the body, cut and press. During wearing, the bandage does not move and does not move out. It is great for bandaging joints and hard-to-reach areas of the body.

Also, among other taping supplies for sale, there is masking tape. Masking tape is a special product used in car service and construction to protect surfaces from damage during various repairs. It is an adhesive tape with a tenacious rubber glue on one side and highly absorbent corrugated paper on the other.

With the adhesive side, it is glued to the surface, and the dry side blocks paint, primer, anticorrosive and other all kinds of solutions with mixtures that could get on the surface that does not require the intervention of the master and harm it. After finishing the work, the tape is removed and the surface remains intact.

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