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What Is Kinesiology Tape

Kinesiology tape were developed in Japan and they are gaining popularity every year. This is a unique technique, which is mainly aimed at pain prevention and prevention, acceleration of rehabilitation after injuries. These colored plasters are made of cotton, viscose or nylon tape, which is quite dense in texture, but has good elasticity. A special adhesive coating is applied to the entire surface of the inner side in a wave-like layer for fixation on the skin. It does not cause irritation or allergic reactions. It is thermoactive and reacts appropriately to the natural heat of the human body. For ease of use, kinesiology tape for sale, is usually cut into stips, and rolled.

What Are They Used For

The benefits of kinesiology taping for sale in our shop have been noted by both professional athletes and cosmetologists. These have earned a reputation as a good pain reliever, helping quickly relieve pain, facilitate the rehabilitation process, and help early recovery. What is interesting, is that these unique elastic bands have gained recognition in many areas – from sports medicine, traumatology and rheumatology to manual therapy and cosmetology.

The innovative therapy supply do not contain any medicinal or pain relieving substances. They work naturally by massaging lightly, lifting the skin, relieving pressure and improving blood circulation. Thus, allowing muscles “relax”, stimulating the lymph flow and starting recovery processes to relieve stress, discomfort and pain, and heal damaged tissues.

Main advantages:

If you are still hesitating whether you should buy kinesiology tapes, here are some facts that may change your mind:

– The taping procedure is accessible, simple and absolutely safe!
– Tapes are extremely light and invisible under clothes.
– Full freedom of movement is maintained due to elasticity.
– Guaranteed maximum comfort without any inconvenience.
– The positive effect is felt literally after a couple of minutes.
– Treatment, recovery or rehabilitation is significantly accelerated.

Important Information

The positive effect largely depends on the gluing pattern. Today, there are several used techniques – lymphatic drainage, muscle, fascial and ligamentous. The difference between them lies in the stretchability of the strip from the initial length, which may be 0-15%, 10-15%, 25-50% and 50-100%.

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