Rollers for Abs Workout

Looking for an inexpensive and effective exercise device to train at home?

Then we advise you to search no further, because the workout wheel is your choice. With this simple device, you can get in shape in a short period of time and, of course, quickly get a gorgeous press relief. The price of such device as abs roller is quite low, therefore almost anyone will be able to afford one.

Main advantages of roller for abs

Ab wheel looks pretty simple and are easy to use, too. Of course, you will have to get used to keeping your balance at first, but this will not take too much time. But when you learn to ride the ab rollout back and forth, your training will be go really smooth and easy.

Despite the fact that the number of exercises that can be performed with ab crunch roller is not too big, they can always be diversified. For example, exercises that can be performed are:

– While squatting;

– From a lying position;

– While on your knees (half or full amplitude).

It is necessary to start trainings with the workout roller wheel with the simplest exercise:

 Get on your knees and roll the device back and forth about 10-15 times (half the amplitude). During this exercise, your back should be straight, and the elbows can be bent only slightly. Despite the simplicity of this procedure, by regularly performing it you can:

– Develop many different muscles in your body;

– Lose extra pounds;

– Keep your body in shape.

Different types of ab roller wheel

An abdominal wheel is an effective and practical trainer, that looks like a wheel with handles. Although it looks simple, it is in fact an extremely useful and effective tool. Such training device can be used not only in the gym, but also at home, because it allows you to perform a fairly wide range of exercises, that does not require any other equipment. But bringing it with you to the gym will not be too difficult of a task due to its small size and reasonable weight.


In the modern sport equipment market, abdominal roller is presented in a number of different variants. Depending on the design features, exercise roller wheel can be divided into the following groups:

  1. One and two-wheeled – the most popular model that has a relatively low price and are perfect for a beginner. Simple, yet extremely practical;
  2. Crunch roller with an inertial mechanism – contains a return mechanism that allows you to quickly and easily return to your original position (roll back), it is recommended to buy, if necessary, to minimize the load on the lumbar region; Makes the trainings even more beginner friendly;
  3. Ab roll out with a displaced center of gravity – designed for experienced athletes, due to the fact that design features of such a roller lead to a complication of the trining process. Recommended only for physically developed users.

Most often, such device is used to perform a set of exercises aimed at developing the muscles of the back, buttocks, abs, legs and arms. They will also help in building strength and endurance. The rolling wheel for abs, which can be bought with worldwide delivery, has a price that is quite affordable for consumers.

How much does a stamina ab wheel cost?

When choosing the right model, which can be bought in our online store at the lowest price, the main attention should be paid to the following characteristics:

– Material, which affects how long will the devie be functional, before it wears out. Also, some materials are less slippery and are more pleasant to touch;

– Design features, such as amount of wheels, size of handles and etc.;

– Weight, which is important in terms of transportation, while also effecting how exercising will go;

– Dimensions, while also being important characteristic for transportation, it is also important to pick a model, that will be able to withstand your weight and fit your hands;

– Center of gravity placement, which directly effects how difficult will it be to train, although the more difficult it is, the more rewarding it will be.

All of the characteristics above should not only be taken into account when choosing the right model, but also have a direct impact on its price. In our online store you can buy high-quality accessories that meet the most stringent quality requirements.

Positive effects of roller for abs workout

Small but daring – is a russian proverb that perfectly fits this device. Despite its small size and simplicity of design, is able to tone not only the abdominal muscles in a few sessions, but also generally have a beneficial effect on your whole body:

– Strengthen the skeleton of tendons and ligaments – experienced athletes are well aware that this device can increase strength and reduce the risk of injury when working on the verge of endurance or with heavy weights;

– Perfectly work out muscles of your back and lower back, which can be used exclusively when performing hyperextension or deadlift in the gym

– The sports wheel is a great way to work the muscles of the upper shoulder girdle, while also using deltas.

Experienced fitness trainers try to include abdominal exercises with an this amazing device in individual trainings with their female clients, since during any training with it, absolutely all problematic female zones are included in the work:

– Buttocks

– Hip biceps

– Quadriceps

– Latissimus dorsi

– Triceps

We think it’s no longer worth talking about the fact that the entire abdominal muscle is working. And even if you are a beginner in sports and fitness, in no case avoid this exercise machine, since no sport equipment will help you develop balance and endurance at the same time, with the exception of a gymnastic ball or fitball. If you are embarrassed to use it in the gym where you train, due to the lack of experience of usage, you can always use it at home and then move to the gym, when you feel confident using it.

Do not expect this sports equipment to be easy to master – it requires concentration and a lot of effort. However, do not be afraid, because it is not difficult to learn how to work with it, the main thing is to follow some rules:

– In the early stages, do exercises with it in a position from your knees, slowly rolling the roller forward and gradually returning it back.

– If you are afraid not to return to the starting position, put some kind of stop in front of you about 70-80 cm away ,so that the wheel can bump into it – so it will be easier for you to come back.

– 3-4 weeks after the first exercises with this sport equipment, try training from your toes, not knees.

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