Step Fitness Machines

The stepper or ministepper leg trainer is an excellent solution for training the muscles of the lower leg, hips and buttocks. The essence of the classes is to transfer body weight from one leg to another with overcoming a certain resistance, which imitates walking on stairs.

Because of the added difficulty of pedaling a bike, having more than one leg pedaling is not possible. That’s why these classes also usually combine pedal power with leg exercises.

While going down a steep slope and pedaling, the cyclists stand and transfer their weight on the outside of the foot. The idea is to train a single leg without transferring the weight from the other leg. To learn to perform these exercises, the legs need to be strong and balanced. To obtain the required amount of effort, the athletes should be able to pump the legs with 100% of their muscle power.

Stepper classes are usually combined with weight training. For example, with this workout, you will be able to improve your leg and butt muscles:

Warm-up: For five minutes, the athletes will do gentle leg stretches. At the same time, they will monitor their temperature and blood pressure.

Leg exercises: The athletes walk on stairs, jump up and down, and crawl on the ground.

Stepper classes are not only

This is a new, useful method that can be easily trained by a personal trainer, as it is very easy and it is perfectly suitable for beginners. You need only a space, a pair of dumbbells and some elastic bands.

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Here are the instructions for the stepper. They are in both English and French.

Find a comfortable place where you can lie down on the floor, without any movements, and place a band with an elastic cord on one side of your hips. Then place the other band on your feet and the knee that is bent.

The resting position is the first step. Keep your feet on the floor and take a deep breath. Then let yourself move forward while keeping the knee bent, keeping the same movement, always being careful not to use your hands.

Keep your balance by using your arms, always keeping the breathing and the movements calm.

After a few repetitions, your arms will become weaker, and you should place your hands on your hips.

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