Heart Rate Monitors

The heart rate monitor is an analog device with many functions for determining the heart rate. Using a heart rate monitor, you can clearly monitor the heart rate, its dependence on physical activity and set the optimal training regime for each individual user.

The recommended training regimes are available online. Some of the official website include:

UBI-App.com – Medical Exercise Trainer

Grace Hopper Academy – The Duke University Athlete Training and Performance Center

TrainingPeaks – Official Exercise Tracker

USA Triathlon – There are countless heart rate monitor devices available to choose from depending on the budget of the buyer.

There are multiple apps available on the Android and iOS platforms for the user to maintain the heart rate monitor throughout the exercise regime. Some of the apps can also track the blood pressure, provide a sleep analysis, monitor the workouts and just a lot of other features that helps track the body stats and changes over time.

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