Body Composition Monitors

A scale with bmi is a device that measures user’s body mass index. Although, in most cases, this is only one of the measurements that such scales do. Any body analyzer scale measures many physiological indicators and stores the data either on the owner’s smartphone or in the cloud, which is always accessible.

For the user, this is convenient because the measurements are stored in one place, and compatibility with various fitness app, which allows you to synchronize with a dozen third-party apps, such as Apple Health, Google Fit, Runtastic, myFitnesPal, etc.

How to distinguish a smart scale from a regular floor scale? Any body fat scale not only determines the user’s weight, but can carry out a number of additional measurements, such as body mass index, percentage of adipose, muscle and bone tissue. In addition, smart scales are synchronized with a phone or tablet, and some models are able to automatically distinguish between different users, which means you might use it with with your whole family or with friends, roommates.

What body fat analyzers are called diagnostic?

In addition to the basic task of measuring mass, some fitindex scales (they are also called diagnostic) are able to assess body composition using electrical resistance in tissues – bioimpedance measurement.

  1. Bioimpedance analysis is a body composition diagnostic method that determines the percentage of fat, muscle, fluid and bone mass. It is based on a weak electrical impulse that is sent by the device through soft tissue.
  2. For such model, the sensors are placed directly on the platform where they contact feet, so there is no need to attach electrodes all over the body, as in medical stationary devices.
  3. It is important to know: The readings of the scales depend on the amount of fluid in the body, therefore it is perfect to weigh yourself in the morning on an empty stomach. During the day, your weight can increase up to 2 kg because of meals and drinks you had throughout the day. Use it after some physical activity are trining for body composition scale to be most accurate and don’t forget to use it if your feet are dry. Make measurements regularly so that the dynamics of changes are easily visible.

How body fat analyzer is used?

Body fat weight scale measures many interesting indicators. How does all this data get into the system, where it is stored and processed?

Like many other modern gadgets, scales with body fat percentage are paired with mobile devices: smartphones, tablets. Some have online interfaces and PC or Mac apps, but mobile apps are more common.

The data is stored in the “cloud” of the manufacturer of the scales, where the entire array is processed. To send them there, the device connects to the internet. There are two ways to do this: sync the scale with your mobile gadget, or connect directly to your home wireless network. In the first case, the Bluetooth is used, in the second – Wi-Fi.

What is defined and why do you want to know it?

Depending on the model, type and manufacturer, scale that measures body fat calculates a number of important health metrics, some of which we are described below


Any scale works with weight, not only accurate body fat scale. However, in the case of smart devices, measurement statistics can be viewed in the application on the phone.

Why Know Your Weight?

 During diet and exercise, the weight change graph can help you quickly and easily evaluate the effectiveness of your lifestyle. Moreover, the proof of past successes with the loss of extra weight motivates to keep on exercising and having a diet.

Body Mass Index (BMI)

Body mass index (BMI) is a value that shows how much a person’s weight corresponds to his/her height. The World Health Organization interprets the index values as follows:

  • 16 or less – severe underweight
  • 16-18.5 – underweight
  • 18.5-24.99 – normal
  • 25-30 – pre-obesity
  • 30 or more – obesity

Here is an example:

 If your weight is 75 kg with a height of 1.69 m, then BMI = 65: 1.69: 1.69 = 26.2 (you are pre-obese).

Why Know BMI?

 The index helps you understand where you are in the BMI in order to make conclusions.

Percentage of fat

We get know how much fat we have, we set the goal of losing weight. However, not all fat is excess. The scale with accurate body fat works with the percentage of subcutaneous fat, which accounts for about 80% of all body fat.

Why know fat percentage?

 This indicator for athletes is even more important than what the arrow shows. If there is an understanding of how much subcutaneous fat you have, then subtracting it from the body weight and we get muscle mass. For example, if after two months of diet or training you lost 6 kg, then it is important that at least 5-5.5 kg of them is fat. The body fat percentage scale will help with these difficult calculations.

Percentage of muscles

The volume of muscle tissue is interesting for athletes and everyone who wants to overall feel better and prolong their life expectancy

Why know muscle percentage?

 With the same weight and height, two different people outwardly can look diametrically opposite. One will have an athletic figure and the other will look obese. It all depends on the amount of muscles and fat.

Bone mass  percentage

This is not the same as the weight of the entire skeleton. The bone tissue of an adult is 60–70% composed of mineral components and 30–40% organic. An adult’s skeleton weighs around 7 to 10 kilograms. Mineral bone mass differs around 2 – 3 kg for women and 2.6 – 3.6 kg for men.

Why know about your bone mass?

 Bones degrade slowly with age. For adults (and women in particular), it is fraught with osteoporosis: a condition in which more bone tissues are destroyed than is created. Fortunately, it is easy to prevent the problem – it is enough to have an active lifestyle, and this will affect the increase or maintain the bone mass, as strong muscles correlate with the thickness and strength of bones.

Percentage of water

A human body consists of 50 – 75 percent of water, the balance of which is always changing. Any person sweats, drinks, breathes, has meals, visits the toilet, which leads to a change in the volume of fluid in the body.

Why track amount of water?

 This is useful for dieters and those who does fitness. Amount of water in your body greatly influences the amount of weight, fat and muscles you gain or loose. Nevertheless, drinking enough water every day is vital to your health. Stay hydrated! Weighing scale smart will tell you exactly how much water you need.

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