Posture Correctors & Back Supports

Correct posture is not only about a beautiful and attractive looks. To a greater extent, this concerns our health, because problems with the spine can lead to other more serious diseases.

With scoliosis, blood circulation is disturbed, malfunctions of some internal organs occur, and even brain disorders are possible. And no one is immune from this problem, because a seated lifestyle, a lack of vitamins, calcium and other trace elements only contribute to the development of this disease.
The muscles of the back weaken over time and it becomes difficult for a person to keep the spine in the right position. Therefore, if you buy posture corrector you will contribute to helping your body with this problem.

Overall, in our shop, there are almost any type of posture corrector for sale, thus one will be able to chose from a wide selection of prices, colors and sizes.

To be more precise, posture correctors divide into:

Rigid fixation

The corset has rigid plates that are placed on the back and fastened with elastic straps. Such fixation with a corset makes it possible to support the spine for patients undergoing rehabilitation after injuries and surgical interventions on the back;

semi-rigid construction

They have several rigid plates on the belt. Fixed on the back with elastic bands. It is perfect to use during heavy physical exertion, against stoop and scoliosis, with exacerbation of sciatica, displacement of the vertebrae, etc.;

elastic narrow belt

It works for the back and chest. This type of corset (belt) has a supportive and corrective effect aimed at relaxing the muscles of the back and to support the spine during fitness, maintaining the correct straight posture while working at the table, etc.

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