Exercise Bikes

Gradually, an exercise bike is becoming an integral part of our everyday life. People live in a frantic pace and not everyone has enough time to go to the gym. Home exercise machines have been developed specifically for such purposes, helping people keep their bodies in shape or lose weight at home. There are also products designed for professional use in gyms.

All the models of a static bike can be divided into three types according to external indicators, or rather, according to the type of landing – vertical, horizontal and hybrid. The first type of exercise cycle resembles a regular bicycle with adjustable seat and pedals. It is compact and takes up little room space.

The second option is suitable for people with a problematic back. Its seat and pedals are positioned more horizontally, which reduces stress on one’s back. When exercising on such device, most of the stress goes to the legs.

And the hybrid pedal exerciser is designed like the two models described above. It is distinguished by its large size and considerable price. However, it can be a good helper for a family of athletes with different physical abilities.

Types of fitness bike

Experts usually divide models into categories according to different criterions, but the way cycling machine works is considered the main one, so all buyers pay attention to it the most when choosing among all the models of spin cycle bike for sale. Absolutely any stationary bike differs from others by these criterions:

Operating mechanism


Magnetic training bike works on the basis of the flywheel getting closer and further. The difficulty also depend on this distance. These compact exercise bike models can also sometimes be used as portable exercise bike.

Main advantages of using this type of exercise bicycle- autonomy (no electricity required), durability, reliability in use, does not emit any irritating noise during training, smooth turning.


The way electromagnetic stationary bicycle works is similar to the magnetic bike exercise machine, but position of the magnet is there in order to create an electromagnetic field. Also, the device has a built-in generator that allows you to work out without connecting to the electricity. These spin bike for home models feel comfortably smooth, include modern electronics, but have a justified high price.


This type of workout bike machine main advantage is ease of use. If you were looking for stationary bikes for home, this is your best choice! They can be installed in any part of the apartment and compliment any design, showing your visitors you are taking care of your health. These indoor cycle exercise bikes usually work without being connected to the electricity.


These bicycle exercise machine models are divided into two types – belt and block. The first option is more cheap and easier to operate. These are its main advantages. But during trainings, the device emits a bit irritating sounds, but simply turning on some music solves this problem.

On the other hand, there are models with a another way of operation. Its resistance system creates a good resistance that allows you to work out all the muscles. This indoor cycling bike advantages are autonomy, training efficiency, smooth operating. Cons – heavy and large unit.


Before you buy any model among all workout exercise bikes for home, you should study how big it can be. It’s position is also important in terms of portability:


– often used for rehabilitation, the safest and most comfortable position. During training, your back is not stressed, but only the muscles of the legs, which means absolutely

anyone will be able to use it without risking health.


– the most effective type of spinning bike for sale for those who want to simultaneously use all muscle groups. Upright exercise bike is a small exercise bike, resembles a track bike, but it cannot be used by people with back problems;

Mini exercise bike

– without a seat, these are convenient because they do not take up much space, they can be stored under the table or in the closet. They are easily placed in the trunk of a car, so they can be taken with you to business or family trips, but they distribute the stress on legs muscles unevenly;


– the combination of vertical and horizontal models is provided by an adjustable seat. It is quite difficult to acquire such an exercise bike, but we have any unique exercise bike for sale.

Extra tips

Answering the question of which manufacturer is better to buy equipment for sports, it is recommended to focus on several criterions. Firstly, a potential buyer needs to decide on the purpose of buying this device. Each exercise machine can be designed for different tasks, the mechanism of operation, types, sizes and other parameters will depend on your choice of stationary bike for sale. They can be bought both for weight loss or for the prevention of heart disease.

After deciding this, you can go directly to our catalog. Technical characteristics affect not only the quality of the product, but also its price. If you are looking for a cheap exercise stationary bike, choose a non foldable stationary exercise bike. Each model has certain advantages and disadvantages that should be considered when choosing.

The cost of any model directly depends on its technical characteristics. For example, equipment with a computer and screen will cost much more than a regular mechanical device. The cost of it is also affected by the number of exercise difficulties.

Each model has its own set of difficulty levels that allow you to increase the intensity of physical activity and coordinate the overall stress to your muscles.

The convenience of using such inventory also lies in the fact that, thanks to special hidden compensators, the user can install it anywhere in his/her apartment or house.

All over the globe, buying a folding stationary exercise bike is very popular, due to its effectivity, convenience and ease of use.

Useful properties

This exercise machine is the perfect way to lose weight at home or upgrade your gym. With the help of this sports equipment, everyone, regardless of their physical capabilities, can significantly strengthen their health, because:

  • You will burn unwanted calories in the shortest periods of time;
  • Regular exercises significantly strengthens muscles of legs, abdominals, and back;
  • The functionality of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems of your body is also improved through systematic training.

Frequently asked Questions:

Is it effective for weight loss?

Undoubtedly, it helps to burn excess weight. But the amount of burnt calories also strongly depends on a quality of your diet, if you have one, then you can watch a positive result on the scales.

Can it be portable?

Yes! Nevertheless, not all models are designed to be portable, but if you are looking for a trining machine to take with you while travelling, search no more.

Can it watch movies on it while training?

Some models have computers and screens integrated, but be aware that such training devices will have a higher price and usually have to be connected to electricity.

Where can it be ship?

We ship our products worldwide, so anyone will be able to receive high quality physical therapy and training equipment no matter where they live.

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