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History of the jumping rope

The ancient Chinese and Egyptians twisted ropes and made hemp ropes. At the same time, they used to jump over the ropes from time to time to avoid entanglement. The children watched the adults do that and wanted to try jumping over short pieces of rope in a similar manner for fun. So, the resulting game gradually spread around the world. In the 18th century, boys became really involved in jumping rope. Then, in accordance with the dated norms of behavior, girls were not allowed to participate in sport games. But after hundred years, girls also joined this game. Then, in the 19th century, they started playing three types of games known today:

– Someone spins the rope and jumps over it independently;

– Someone jumps over a rope, which is set in motion by a couple of other people;

– Someone jumps over two ropes spinning in different directions.

An effective cardio trainer for everyone

The crossropes is one of the most popular types of sport equipment that even children can handle easily. With a little imagination, you can come up with a lot of exercises, games and ways to have fun usefully with it. But, despite its simplicity, the rope can become a very effective sport equipment, which only people with good physical shape can handle. 

Fitness jump rope contributes to the development of coordination of movements, speed, endurance, flexibility, strength and other qualities. During the exercise, almost all muscle groups are involved. With the help of a skipping rope, you can effectively get rid of unwanted extra weight and improve the condition of the cardiovascular system at the same time. In general, if you do not have this amazing equipment yet, make an order urgently! In addition, you simply will not find any cardio training device more affordable and efficienciant.

Main types of skipping ropes

Every one of us had a simple jump rope in childhood. But in professional sports or for serious trainings, experts are developing other types of equipment. 

Jump rope for beginners

 These are the lightest and cheapest models. Their handles can be made of plastic or wood, and the cord can be made of rubber, simple rope or leather. They are suitable for both children as well as beginners. You should not immediately spend money on an expensive jump rope for working out – try to get comfortable with a regular one first. The length of the cord in such models, as a rule, is not regulated, except that you can simply cut off the excess. But still, despite the simplicity and cheapness, such ropes are suitable for fitness and other types of training;

Speed jump rope

 So called because their cords (cables in a sheath of polymers) can rotate at a much faster speed than ordinary ones. This is achieved thanks to the bearings mounted in the handles. Jumping with high frequency can significantly increase the load on the cardiovascular system and muscles. It will be equal to the load that the body receives during a very serious run. 

So, for example, an experienced athlete can twist such a rope at a speed of 5-6 rpm. On such skipping ropes, you can only perform simple jumps without crossing your arms, as well as double and triple jumps.

 This crossfit jump rope is used by boxers and other martial artists, this is why they are sometimes referred to as boxing jump rope. If your google request was something like “ jump rope weight loss ”, we recommend that you pay attention to this type of professional equipment. 

Heavy jump rope

 Weighted rope is professional equipment that can also be used by beginners with good physical strength. Weight is increased by adding sand or metal inserts to the handles. You can buy professional skipping ropes with a set of weights with different weights that change depending on your needs. In some models, it is not the weights that are replaced, but the cords. Such models with the metal cords are also known as double dutch rope. Double under jump rope usually has a heave metal cord.

Smart jump rope

 Such models have a Jump rope counter built into them that is used to count an amount of jumps. These can be mechanical or electronic. The mechanical one shows only the number of jumps, and the digital jump rope – the duration of one’s exercise and the number of calories burned alongside with the amount of jumps. These ropes are suitable for both amateurs and professional athletes, as they allow you to correctly calculate your progress.

 To get the correct values, you may need to enter anthropometric or other additional data before starting a workout. This device, based on the number of jumps and other statistics, will determine the number of calories burned. The cost of weighted jump rope with an electronic counter is, of course, much higher than with a mechanical one, although this is justified by its functionality and quality.

As you can see, even such a simple simulator as a jump rope can be made in several versions and is selected for different types of training.

Any jump rope for sale differs by these characteristics

You can buy a rope even at a toy store. But if you decide to take training seriously, then you should choose a model with all care. When choosing, pay attention to the following:


 Ordinary models are only suitable for simple fitness, but for serious workouts, you need to choose professional ones. So, jump ropes for boxing or jump rope crossrope should be with good handles, and for strength training – with weights;


 The best option is the ability to adjust it, since, for example, to perform high jumps, the cord should be slightly shorter than for ordinary ones. Figuring out the length that is good for you is easy. You need to step with both feet on the cord, and the handles should reach your chest. As a rule, the length of the cord of professional ropes for adults is sufficient for any height;

Handles material and construction:

 Handles can be wooden, plastic or metal. They can be ordinary, with bearings, with clamping bolts for adjusting the length of the cord, with counters or holes for inserting weights;

Cord material:

 It can be rubber, leather, polyvinyl chloride, silicone, neoprene, metal with polymer braid, etc. The price of the rope depends on the material used, as well as its functionality and durability;

If you are still hesitating whether you need one, browse all jump ropes for sale in our shop. Let us assure you, we offer the best price to quality ratio!

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