Pulse Oximeters

What is a pulse oximeter used for?

Pulse oximetry is a method of determining the degree of oxygen saturation of arterial blood. Its level is controlled by a pulse oximeter. After receiving the results, it is possible to identify diseases in time and immediately prescribe oxygen therapy.

There are several types of pulse oximeter for sale:

Stationary monitor. The pulse oximeter used in hospitals provides highly accurate measurements that are recorded in various graphs, for example, photoplethysmogram. Such devices are connected to a PC;

The wrist or finger pulse oximeter is used in the home and is portable in size and rugged. Such device can always be at hand – for a walk or travel.

Reviews of the finger pulse oximeter indicate that it is the most optimal for use in everyday conditions. It is accurate and easy to use. A portable pulse oximeter can be significantly less expensive than some stationary devices. To prevent the finger pulse oximeter from causing discomfort, it should not press the finger too hard.

In which cases should you buy pulse oximeter?

– Pulmonology – to identify pathologies of the respiratory tract, lungs and pleura;
– Pediatrics – for diagnosing the onset of pneumonia in children with ARVI and predicting an asthmatic attack;
– Sports medicine – to improve the efficiency of training without harm to health.
– Heart failure;
– Chronic lung disease;
– Control of therapy for respiratory arrest during sleep by saturation during the night;
– Monitoring the situation in case of oxygen deficiency;
– Control of the body’s response to physical activity in terms of saturation.

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