Boxing Gloves

Gloves are used in many types of martial arts, this is not only boxing, but also kickboxing, Muay Thai, can be used for preparatory work in such disciplines as taekwondo, sambo, mixed martial arts, general training with boxing bags and pears, etc.

This is the exact reason why gloves should be used, and how.

In order to be safe, be wary of taking blows, two hands are often much better than one, as taking a full left hook from a lightweight is going to be more painful.

Stances should be done with the feet parallel.

Depending on the type of sport, there should be an amount of mobility, flexibility, and flexibility of the hands and wrists to allow for safety and ease of movement.

The gloves should not cut through the skin nor puncture it, but should sit lightly on the skin to reduce the impact of any blows.

Gloves need to be thick enough to ensure a snug fit when the opponent moves around, but should be light enough to be able to move.

If the feet are turned to face in, there is a risk of damage to the bones.

Unfortunately, common equipment for gloves does not always meet these requirements, which often results in the sprained wrists and fingers.

The head of an athlete should be rotated, not turned, during the stance of

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