Replenishing electrolytes with sports drinks not only helps to replenish mineral losses, but also allows you to maximize the use of water, which is an essential element of hydration. No matter the terrain or the conditions, there is always water to be had – so no need to worry about dehydration!

The electrolytes you eat with sports drinks can help increase your energy and stamina for longer hikes, such as those in the Black Canyon. We recommend a maximum of 6-8 glasses of water per hour (7-9 per day).

We recommend starting with 5-6 hours of hiking and gradually increasing your water intake as you go further and further up the trail. If you’re using sports drinks as part of your daily eating plan, you can drink 1.5-2 glasses of water for every quart of electrolyte solution (about 4-5 oz.) you have.

In addition, for each liter of electrolyte solution you eat, you should take in approximately 2-3 ounces of fluids (such as water). A single bottle of electrolyte replacement is enough for 3-4 hikes, so plan to fill one bottle of fluid replacement with about 3-4 ounces of fluids every hour.

For tips and advice on hydration, check out our top 10 tips on hydration!

Always watch your hydration levels. Just because you’re using a sports drink, doesn’t mean it’s working for you! Be sure to supplement with plenty of water. Also, make sure you are hydrated on a regular basis. Visit our Be sure to watch your hydration levels.

Just because you’re using a sports drink, doesn’t mean it’s working for you! Be sure to supplement with plenty of water. Also, make sure you are hydrated on a regular basis. Visit our one-time hydration tracker page to check your hydration levels at specific times on your adventure.

Concentrate of natural electrolytes and minerals Sport Hydration mineral water features crystalline mineral-based electrolytes and minerals (1 teaspoon per 2 ounces water) that help in preventing thirst, boosting energy and hydration levels.

Testimon® mineral water is an American school beverage company which is recognized for providing high quality, innovative products for daily use. Try it and decide for yourself.

1 teaspoon (7g) per 2 ounces (250ml)

— NEW — Simple Concentrate and Natural Strength Varnish — Designed specifically to provide more than just a just natural feel. Sport Hydration Varnish, developed by Rick Martin®, is a paste that covers natural mineral water, creating a unique, durable, and protective coating that lasts for hours. Mix, shake, mix and shake.

Never skip. Have a winner for every occasion, every day. We know this because we have been using it for decades. Try it yourself. Wear it in the office. Keep it in your pocket.

— NEW — Energy Infusion Toning Gel with Vitamins, Helps Maximize your Energy and Life — In a time when a lot of us are getting fidgety with our attention, energizing, and health-giving doses of vitamins, Sport Hydration Varnish has reinvented the soft drink as an all-in-one healthy energizing source.

Sport Hydration Varnish contains 50% more vitamins and minerals than regular soft drink, making it ideal for maintaining energy, regulating appetite, enhancing wellness, and adding clarity to your mind and body.

But if you need more than just energy, Energy Infusion Toning Gel can help replenish the lost energy, tone the muscles, improve blood flow and improve digestion. You may even notice a restful and rejuvenating shift in your overall health. Try it.

— NEW — Lite Flavor Chews (Perfect for the Everyday Traveler) — Their unique four-in-one package of vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, and proteins provides more than just the basics. We have several flavors to choose from including the energizing Coconut Water and the No-Salt Ready-to-Drink electrolyte packs. Choose from flavors like Grape or Berry, and enjoy one or all!

— NEW — Quick Dose of Ample Nutrients with Vitamin B Complex — Intuitively selected vitamins, minerals, and proteins, Sport Hydration Varnish helps restore your health and give your energy where you need it most.

Vitamin B Complex helps provide the absorption of calcium, magnesium, and zinc which have been shown to improve energy, reduce hunger, and stimulate the thyroid gland. The supplement, along with a soluble fiber tablet that supports digestive health, acts as a preventive against constipation.

— NEW — Pack of Probiotics and Essential Fungi — Due to its rich supply of natural microorganisms, this Nutrition & Health Quick-Dose Fortified Drink is best paired with additional probiotics and essential fungi to support good digestion, boost energy, and assist digestion. Mix in yogurt for a complete, rounded, healthy diet that keeps you energized throughout the day.

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