Medical Gloves

Where are medical gloves used?

First of all, medical gloves are used to examine patients who come to the doctor. These products effectively protect the doctor’s hands from the penetration of various infections and pathogens. In addition, they protect all study participants from possible cross-infection.

When interacting with drugs and aggressive chemicals, they are also designed to preserve the integrity of the skin of physicians. You can buy non-sterile inspection gloves in any pharmacy at an extremely low price per pair.

Along with many other medical extra tools, thin and elastic gloves have become widespread in many fields of medicine. Without them, surgery, intravenous and intramuscular injections would never have been performed, bandages would not be applied too.

Another wide use of medical gloves is for beauticians and tattoo artists. They use them in order to prevent any infection from getting into small open wounds they make, while working, this is why it is extremely important for them to maintain everything sterile.

Nevertheless, medical gloves may be used in many different spheres like: surgical, dental, ophthalmic, gloves for gynaecological examination, pathology, obstetrics, cosmetics and many others.

If you are willing to buy medical gloves, there are some options, you should consider while choosing the fitting product among all of the medical gloves for sale. Here are these options:

  • Made of latex of natural origin
  • Powdered with medical powder
  • Equally suitable for the right and left hand;
  • On the surface have a special texture that simplifies the grip of instruments and increases sensitivity during palpation;
  • Manufactured in accordance with the standards of the World Health Organization.
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