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How to buy yoga mat

Mat is a concept that unites many types of products in the modern world. In the past, it was a wicker flooring made of a rough material to protect the surface. Now the mat is primarily associated with sports(physical education in educational institutions, professional sports or training). Nevertheless, these are now usually used in yoga. That is why they are most commonly refed to as “ yoga mat ”

It may not be easy to buy a mat for workout that would suit you in all aspects if you know nothing about this category of products, but we are here to help you!

A large selection of different types of yoga rug are presented in our online store with a detailed description, characteristics and a wide variation in prices depending on your needs. 

Different sizes, prices, colors and materials are up for your choice.

It does not always make sense to buy the most expensive meditation mat among the alternatives, if don’t have to. The choice should be based on the type, intensity and conditions of your fitness or meditation sessions, as well as the seriousness of your intentions and the importance of this activity in your life.

Depending on your abilities in exercising and personal preference, a mat from any price category may be optimal. If you are a beginner, who just wants to try something new, we have many cheap yoga mats. 

If you are in hesitation, which product is the most fitting to you, we recommend that you use the guide to every characteristic described below before making a purchase. Make your own list of priorities, simply sorting them in order of importance to you personally, and you will receive a complete guide to choosing the best workout mat.

Main characteristics of any yoga mat for sale

1. Thickness

This parameter directly affects your comfort during your exercising sessions – if it is too thin, you may feel excessive pressure on the joints.

If it is too soft, it is difficult to maintain balance in difficult standing positions. It is important to find a balance between comfort and the ability to feel a direct connection with the floor. But this is a matter of personal preference. Some people prefer thick workout mat to make sure they never get any injuries.

For beginners, we recommend that you try different yoga mats before buying (try using it a couple times in a professional studio / borrow from friends for a couple of sessions). But if you cannot do that, we recommend you to stay at an intermediate level (about 4 mm).

Consider if portability is important to you. There is ultra thin model available alongside with an extra thick yoga mat. The extra thin ones are casually called – “road”, the thickness of which varies within a couple of mm. This model is easy to fold and carry, which means it is perfect to be used as a travel yoga mat.

Due to the fact that they can be easily folded and unfolded, they are well suited for busy people who have a little time, as they can be easily packed in a small bag, and they are easy to take with you everywhere – on a trip or even to the office, to relax during the break.

So, if the weight and the dimensions of the mat matter, and the low density does not interfere with your concentration during the practice, look towards the middle / less than average thickness.

If you are comfortable having a slightly heavier mat, but want a softer one, consider a thick yoga mat with 0.6 cm thickness.

2. Material

The raw materials from which the product is made directly affects all of its owner’s training sessions. Perhaps this is the most important characteristic, professionals totally agree with this.


Nowadays, you may purchase an eco friendly yoga mat that is made of materials like cotton, natural rubber and jute fibers. You can also find products from thermoplastic elastomer, polyvinyl chloride (PVC), foamed ethylene vinyl acetate and other synthetic compounds.

If you are allergic to latex, don’t buy PVC models. A cork yoga mat would suite any hyperallergic person. If stability and good grip are important to you, look for non slip yoga mat that is usually made of vinyl or rubber. Most importantly, they are more durable.

It’s nice to work with natural cotton, but these options are more difficult to take care of.

3. Texture

Texture directly affects the degree of adhesion. Also, the texture affects the stability of the anti-slip properties, as well as their retention while being wet.

The texture with good grip will provide a physical barrier to sliding. Confidence and control of movement is an important part of yoga and is most affected by surface texture.

If you practice yoga just for relaxation, then a rug with a rough, uneven surface is not necessary. The structure of the top layer can be artificial or dependent on the material, for example, jute mats have a natural stiffness, while thick exercise mats made of PVC are much softer.

Important note: if you need a model with a hard enough surface to exclude the possibility of slipping, avoid PVC. The high adhesive properties of cotton or rubber make it possible to maintain stability regardless of the complexity / length of the stops.

4. Environmental

For the people associated with yoga, the fate of our environment is usually not indifferent to ideological convictions. Therefore, models, the production of which bears minimal damage to nature and does not pollute the environment, are becoming more and more popular.

Eco-friendly models are mostly made from natural or recycled rubber. They can also be completely made of natural materials. In addition, some of the synthetic components are quickly degradable and do not require a large consumption of natural resources for production, hence it is also considered as the “eco” product.

While choosing an environmentally friendly option, you should exclude those models that are made of PVC, since it is difficult and expensive to process. All other options more or less meet the environmental criterion. Natural cotton is the champion in this aspect.

5. Price

The lowest price is usually for a standard yoga mat made of PVC with a thickness of 0.3 cm. If you are looking for yoga mat for cheap, this is your best option. Target yoga mat will also fit your needs.

The price will rise depending on the improvement in the quality of the material, attractiveness of the design, texture properties, thickness variations, brand, size, etc. Large yoga mat that is also eco-friendly would be the most expensive.

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