Yoga & Sports

Yoga is a sport based on rhythmic gymnastics and aerobics, in which asanas are the main elements. Distributed in India and South America. Yoga Sport was created under the auspices of various yoga federations in India in order to popularize yoga.

Since 2008, Yoga Sport World Championships is organized and take place every two years. In 2008 was created International Yoga Sport Federation (IYSSF), World Yoga Games 2009 was created.

World Yoga Games and World Championship Yoga Sport are held every two years in different countries. Currently, Yoga World Games takes place in Astana, Kazakhstan, World Yoga Championship in London, UK, Yoga Championship in Atlanta, USA.

On August 29, 2008 a Special Session of the United Nations General Assembly has approved “ZT” motion to recognize “Yoga” as a part of exercise and sports activities in the 2030 agenda for sustainable development.[1]

World Championship in Yoga Sport

Yoga World Championship is the competition where Yoga sport is competing with other sports in the same general sense. It is to test the abilities and skills of a person that he is able to perform a certain Yoga asana. Yoga sports events are meant to be challenging and demanding.

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