Fitness Trackers

In order to get in shape, you should pay attention to all of the statistics concerning your body and trainings. This is where devices like fitness tracker come in handy and make your workouts even more productive, make keeping track of your productivity during trainings easier.

 Even if you just need to increase the steps per day, running trackers will help you count steps, distance and calories burned while doing this. Some models are equipped with a function of tracking vital statistics of your body, which will be useful not only during physical activity, but in general, for people suffering from any ailments or to simply change your diet to become healthier.

 Also, fitness watch can motivate you to be more active, showing your daily, weekly and monthly results on the display or in the phone app. Observing these, you become more motivated – you want to accomplish your tasks, be the best, in such situations fatigue simply fades away!

Fitness Band Benefits

Mobile apps

 Convenient monitoring and control of settings and data is usually done using mobile apps. By installing the required application on your smartphone, you can set individual parameters, organize the results, etc.


 Almost all models of fitness smartwatch are energy efficient and can work without recharging for a long time. Some can operate without recharging for a whole month!

Water and dust damage protection

 In most cases even cheap fitness tracker is protected from dust and water splashes. More “advanced” models of smart fitness watch may even be worn during swimming and diving and have a trust worthy damage protection. Waterproof fitness tracker may be a bit more pricy, but it will free you from taking it off and wearing it again, which may boring and easily forgotten.

Remote control of the smartphone camera

 Some sports trackers provide an ability to control the connected smartphone’s camera to make taking pictures even easier.

Sleek design

It is worth mentioning the stylish design of every activity tracker watch. Their compact cases with rounded shapes are installed in silicone and metal bracelets, which are available in a wide range of colors. To your taste, you can find models in a classic or sporty style.

Usually, these are unisex, but there are fitness watch (trackers) for men and fitness watches (trackers) for women too!

How to choose a fitness tracker

Each new model introduces additional features that expand the scope of its application and improve ergonomics.

When choosing from a wide selection of different exercise watches, it may be difficult to choose something specific, but we will try helping you with this difficult task. First of all, you should pay attention to these characteristics:

– Appearance, it should compliment you and your personality. Choose between different designs, colors, sizes and weights;

– Functionality. What statistics do you want it to collect, whether it should have an app or work independently, etc.;

– Display quality and resolution;

– The convenience and material of the strap;

– Battery capacity and autonomy;

– Level of moisture and dust protection;

The price range of activity monitors is extremely wide to fit any customer. This is why it is important to choose the model that is optimal in terms of cost and functionality. The range of manufacturers includes devices for everyday monitoring of normal activity, as well as trackers with advanced functionality for professional athletes, like calorie tracker (counter) watch.

Different variants of fitness tracker bracelet

There are a huge number of workout tracker variants with completely different functions. The price of the product also depends on whether certain features are available. Asking the question of which health monitoring watch to choose, it is worth understanding and highlighting for oneself the goals and purposes of what information do you need for more effective trainings.

There are many options:

Calorie burning tracker

 The standard model, highlighting the main purpose, originally conceived, and fully revealing the meaning of the particle “fitness” in the name of the device. Able to take into account the number of calories burnt per day, based on measurements of steps, intensity of movements and other factors.

With a tonometer

 This type of health tracker watch is able to take into account the indicators of heart rate and blood pressure, the effect of weather on the overall summed up result for the day.

Fitness bracelet with heart rate monitor

 Throughout the day, the pulse measurement function is operating, divided into boundary lines, and if something goes out of control, the device informs the user about it with a specific sound.

With blood pressure measurement

 It takes into account the pressure, its decreases or increases. Recommended for hypotensive patients and people who dependent on weather changes. It is recommended when increasing physical activity, stress, for daily control of this aspect and to calculate the strength of possible stress without harm to health.

Exercise tracker with smart alarm clock

 One of the most phenomenal and useful functions that may change your life. It is worth setting the desired interval between alarms, and taking into account the heart rate, pulse uniformity, blood pressure and general readiness for a trouble-free wake-up, the alarm clock will choose the time to go off. This will limit the possibility of harm to health, that regular alarms do, not to mention how easy it will be to wake up.

GPS tracking watch

 It allows you to run wherever you look during a morning run, without fear of wandering in the wrong place, because with such equipment, which can indicate the location of the athlete, it is not scary to get lost. Some models of gps fitness tracker even have built in access to maps!

Mobile apps

An interesting addition to your phone, with a free download option, it provides a number of functions and statistics sometimes wider than displayed on the watch. So why do you need an app? Firstly, it is much more convenient to watch your statistics on a larger screen. These apps are usually available for both “Android” and “IOS”, without many differences between versions for different operating systems. Some apps allow you to create training systems specially for you, concerning your current health, share your statistics with friend or in social media and etc.

The main tasks of a smartwatch fitness tracker

By purchasing such device, you compliment your style, while taking care of your health. Some athletes cannot do without it, because it even helps in terms of motivation. The opportunity to look at the screen, make sure that every step is counted, and absolutely any movement burns the unwanted calories, gives an impetus not to use the elevator and walk up the stairs instead. Such things make you more proud of simple achievements and raise your vitality.

Popular brands

Xiaomi – stand out in large sizes of the dial and the ability to change straps. Their devices have dozens of useful functions, and are not expensive;

Huawei – equipped with a water-resistant in a laconic design;

Samsung is a long-term sports brand with enhanced functionality. With their help, you can pay using NFC and create individual training programs;

Amazfit – it is a separate category of smart watches made of stainless steel and hypoallergenic silicone. Includes OLED display. Gorilla Glass is oleophobic coated.

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