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What are patients saying about SouthPark Physical Therapy?

9/28/17 - Patricia G.

Alan is my therapist and he is very intelligent and thoughtful about how to help my body become stronger while at the same time adjusting for my physical limitations. He helps me problem solve my real life concerns in a way that will help me use my core without straining my back.  Your practice is a friendly and happy place with a staff that has positive attitudes.


9/7/17 - Brian R.

I pay out of pocket to use you folks rather than use my insurance and see someone else. You saw me a couple years ago, but my back was too messed up to do any work. I finally had surgery and I had the privilege to work with Renee. She was fantastic. Very encouraging and optimistic. I am excited to work with her and gain a few pieces of her vast knowledge. She made me believe I can get better. Thanks for everything, Brian


7/10/17 - Lois K. 

I have recently completed a series of physical therapy sessions at SouthPark Physical Therapy and I couldn't have been more pleased with my outcome! 

I had returned from a trip to Chicago in April and managed to trip over a large dog while I was there and landed directly on my tailbone.  Thank goodness the Xrays showed nothing was broken so my physician wrote a prescription for physical therapy. 

I could barely bend over to pick something up when I started physical therapy and after working with an excellent therapist who had the knowledge to manipulate my back with a combination of ultrasound, massage, heat therapy and exercises I was released with excellent results. 

I can't say enough about the care I received and how grateful I am to the entire staff at SouthPark Physical Therapy


6/20/17 - Jim G. 

Very good


6/1/17 - Rose G.

I have had physical therapy at SPPT twice in the past year.  My first sessions was last fall when I tore my rotator cuff.  At that time, I had Erin S. as my therapist who helped me get back to my movements of my arm to about 95% of what I had prior to injury.  That was absolutely amazing!

This spring I had sciatic nerve and hip issues.  I was lucky enough to have Erin again as my therapist.  She is such a compassionate and dedicated gal who analyzes your situation carefully and administers treatment and exercises to restore your strength.  She is definitely the best therapist I have ever had!

I would definitely recommend South Park Physical Therapy in a heartbeat! Be sure to ask for Erin.


4/21/17 - R. Rivera

I was referred to SouthPark PT by my doctor, Dr. Adair Prall and also by Dr. Morfe. PT was relative to post-op recovery.  The surgery was a major lower spine procedure; bulging disc, broken cartilage and spinal stenosis. 

Erin has been my primary therapist and she has helped me with various exercises, stretching and including some local massage and what I call Eletro Magnetic treatment (low frequency waves that provide deep tissue treatment)

Erin has been patient and informative thoughout the roughtly 12 sessions I have had. She is professional in her treatment and provides relief of the chronic pain, tho at this point the relief is temporary, as she advised.  My surgery was a 4-hour procedure, major surgery with some fusion as well as repair of the damaged cartilage (with cadaver bone) and repair of some bulging discs.  At all times Erin has advised me that my treatment would not be as "immediate" as I would like but that I should stay the course. I have made marked improvement and continue with my sessions with anticipation of full recovery.  No false promises, no snake oil, just facts and professional patient care.


1/3/17 A. Blair

I was treated so well at SouthPark.  The therapists cared about my needs and took wonderful care of me. I had some extra requests about my therapy, and they were kindly and respectfully cared for. I can't recommend SouthPaark highly enough. Rene and Erin were suburb!


8/11/16 Cathy S.

All the staff at SouthPark PT have been extra friendly and helpful. With the exercises suggested I have been able to exceed my therapy goals in the time frame recommended by my physician.  They have excellent facilites and equipment, very clean and up to date. Very knowledgable physical therapists.


6/13/16 Carol A

I have received treatment for hamstring and hip issues at South Park PT over the last 5 years.  When I was referred to South Park PT in August of 2015, I was confident that Renee or Amy would be able to diagnose and treat the excruciating pain in my back and chest. By examining me,  Renee determined that it was 4 rotated thoracic vertebrae and muscle spasms that were causing my acute pain.  I was thrilled to learn that she had the skill and training to correct the alignment of my spine.   After a few appointments, T5, T6, T7 and T8 were lined up, but my back muscles continued to cause considerable pain, limiting my activity and lifestyle significantly.  Renee treated me with massage, ultra sound and electric stimulation, and recommended appropriate, light exercise.  I tried individual pilates with Amy, but was unable to accomplish various exercises without increased pain.     I was grateful to have Renee, Amy and my doctor, Lisa Gidday, M.D., in my corner as my back and chest pain continued to change my life.   When imaging showed no explanation for my pain, I tried alternative solutions such as acupuncture, and spinal injections, but with no marked improvement. Renee, Amy , and Dr. Gidday were very compassionate and encouraging as I struggled to recover.  After 5 months of treatment, myofascial pain syndrome was diagnosed.  Renee has increased the myofascial massage she does during treatment, and guided me to appropriate stretches and exercise to get me back to full activity level.  I have been thrilled with my improvement in the last 4 months. Our goal is for me to need treatment only once per month, and I’m nearly there.  I am so grateful for South Park PT, and my doctor for the excellent care that has gotten me back on my feet.


5/4/16 Dennis K

After a recent hip replacement, I was fortunate enought to have my physical therapy at SouthPark. It is a great place, with a courteous and prompt staff.  I was a patient of Rene Perez, who is just wonderful.  She did a great job of assigning the appropriate exercises to recover rapidly from the replacement surgery, with explainations of how and why each excerise was needed.  But most of all, Rene instilled confidence that doing the exercises would work.  I am so pleased that I was one of Rene's pateints.


My name is Hayke C. and I wanted to reach out to you in regard to the care I have received at Southpark PT. Specifically in regards to Rene as she has been my primary PT. Rene is amazing,  incredibly sincere, gentle and extremely effective in my recuperation post lower spine surgery. I cannot say what a wonderful person she is- always cheerful and ready to help in any manner.

From the moment I walk into your office I am always greeted by everyone with a big smile. This is a place that feels good to be a part of. Everyone is so knowledgeable and kind. Rene has over 30 years experience and it shows. I specifically had a "life changing experience" in the level of pain relief I received from Rene in her Dry Needling technique. Prior to coming to Southpark PT, I had never even heard of dry needling. When I explained to Rene how I had chronic pain that has been going on for over 2 years in my scapular area, she recommended we try Dry Needling the area. I was open to anything that could give me any level of relief. Within minutes I felt instantly better. I went home and that night I slept pain free and longer than I had in over 2 years. The relief I got and extra sleep since my Dry Needling experience has elevated my mood and has literally changed my quality of life. I have had several treatments of Dry Needling on several different areas of my body, all with immense positive results. My first treatment was very tolerable ( pain wise) and every treatment after was even better. I found the experience to be relaxing and any minor level of discomfort had been worth the positive results I received from it. I highly recommend anyone considering Dry Needling as an option to go for it. I know that once my 6 weeks of PT are over that I will continue to come back to Rene for her Dry Needling, it really is that effective! Should I ever be in need of PT again, I would not hesitate to come back to Southpark PT, you all are so great!

8/21/15 - Suzanne 

I cannot say enough about Amy's knowledge, empathy, and determination to help me avoid another surgery and feel at ease in my own skin again. 

After my breast reconstruction, I experienced pain and discomfort in my upper body to due built-up scar tissue. I was so happy to find Amy, who put her expertise to work and showed wisdom, maturity, and patience with both emotional side and the tough tissue work. I've come a long way in a short amount of time and feel like I have my life back - all due to Amy's diligent care. In addition, the staff at Southpark is always friendly, relaxed, and professional. 

I highly recommend Southpark and Amy to anyone who needs PT, and particularly for post-mastectomy care.

7/29/15 Maureen N.

Unfortunately, a tough injury or surgery can hurt….and take a long time to heal!  The staff at SPPT worked with me for over 7 months to get me back to being able to function normally and looking forward to ski season!  Throughout the process, I worked with several of the therapists; each one bringing something new to assist my progress.  Every single person at the practice was positive, sympathetic and encouraging.   I would strongly recommend this practice for their expertise – they believe in what they’re doing, continue their education to make sure they know how to get you to the BEST  place possible, and genuinely care.

7/22/15 -Jeanne K.

I very highly recommend Amy and her group.  I have been a patient at many PT facilities, all of them good.  However, Amy has been exceptional in her understanding of my history and problems, and she has adapted treatment each session as indicated.  SouthPark Therapy is friendly, professional and caring.

7/7/15 - Chris C.

As a middle-aged multi-sport athlete, I face the same challenges many of us do. Scheduling training and competition times around, (or sometimes in spite of...) life's other demands is increasingly difficult. Add in a couple injuries, an accident or two, and the body's refusal to recover the way it did when we were younger and it is no wonder that so many of my peers have hung it up and become armchair athletes. I stumbled into SouthPark Physical Therapy for rehab after a knee injury. Because of the excellent care I received, I decided to use their Pilates and other services as part of my overall training program. Five years later, I am a much better athlete because of it. While I have lost a bit of explosive strength due to aging, I have made huge gains is flexibility, balance, and stability. I can train harder without injury, and apply the power I do have much more efficiently. The end result? This year I qualified for the world championships in nine different events, with many of my times beating those I set in high school and college. SouthPark's excellent staff works with me to provide an incredible counter balance to my often one sided training schedule. They have put me back together after several injuries and accidents, and I'm convinced that they are the key reason I continue to be able to compete in the sports I love.

6/15/15 - Rita W.

Amy Lehman became my physical therapist in 1998 after my first shoulder rotator cuff repair.  Amy is an awesome therapist, understanding, compassionate, respectful, patient and most helpful in getting her patients back to normal physically. I returned to Amy for my other shoulder repair, again I had wonderful results.  This last June, I again came back to Amy and SouthPark PT after surgery for two herniated cervical discs in my neck. I'm very happy with my progress and range of motion. I would recommend SouthPark PT to my family and friends if and when they are in the need of physical therapy.  You wll be very pleased with Amy and her entire staff- they are all professional and awesome. Thank you Amy and SouthPark PT!  You Rock.

5/8/15 - Herb E.

Prior to having knee replacement surgery, I visited and interviewed several local physical therapists. My choice of Amy Lehman at SouthPark Physical Therapy certainly was justified as the right one. She was ready, willing and able to work with and coordinate her efforts with the surgeon to facilitate my recovery.  As a result of my very positive and successful experience with her initially, I returned for her expertise and guidance after my second knee replacement surgery. Under her very professional guidance I completed successful rehabs both times.  Additionally, with her patients and guidance she helped me correct bad posture and poor mobility due to years of compensating as my knees worsened.

Several years later, when a physician posed the prospect of elective surgery but suggested physical therapy as a possible alternative, it was a "no brainer" to return to Amy.  Over the years I have not hesitiated to refer friends to her and SouthPark Physical Therapy and each time they have expressedtheir appreciation for my doing so.  I feel I can give an unqualified endorsement and highly recommend Amy Lehman and SouthPark Physical Therapy.

3/27/15 - Cheryl G.

Limping into South Park Physical Therapy for the first time, I was welcomed into a professional and warm environment. A knowledgeable and friendly therapist quickly diagnosed my issue and we got to work right away. With patience, hard work and her supportive expertise, I got back on my feet again. I would recommend this practice to anyone who needs physical therapy.

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